XeroZephyr ~~~ RESOLVED ~~~

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07-07-2006 04:28:48

He went green for me on OrderCash4Free. I was supposed to get paid $247.19 today. But no...the day of payout I only got $207.19. I noticed...he went on hold the day of payment.

So yea...he's a scammer...and I lost $20 because of him.

So either he pays me the 20 dollars back...or he needs to get banned.


07-07-2006 11:19:17

shit, he did my ordermore4free site. What email did he sign up with? PM me please.


07-07-2006 14:39:07

Well. I appologize for quickly assuming XeroZephyr as a scammer. He paid me back what I had paid him to go green...so...we'll just have to wait and see.

Once again, I'm sorry. ;)


07-07-2006 14:54:29

I'll say it again

Scammers threads are a completely last resort and should only be created if and when you have tried to contact him via PM's, E-mails and AIM and have received no response whatsoever, as well as getting in touch with a Mod/Admin to try tog et a hold of them.


07-07-2006 14:59:25

Okay. I'm sorry. Please lock this thread.