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05-07-2006 20:35:57

I went green for his ipods.freepay site, and he has not replied to my PMs or sent me my paypal. He has posted on the forum July 5th (today), yet he has not read my PM (probably on purpose). As far as I'm concerned, he's a high TR member trying to scam a noob. I'll update if the situation changes.


05-07-2006 20:43:18

My theory High TR have done lots of sites and lots offers. It takes them a ridiculous amount of time to "decide" on an offer that they want/can/will do.

So be patient, some high TR people are slow, but they eventually pull through, whether it be a week, 2 weeks, or a month.

It took stagim to green me after about 2 weeks but he pulled eventually.


05-07-2006 20:51:21

He owes me paypal, not a green


05-07-2006 21:01:31

[quote87559baac7="FecalEagle"]He owes me paypal, not a green[/quote87559baac7]

He's probably taking his time deciding on how to send you paypal then P

So far, he hasn't failed anyone, but he's just pretty slow and rarely replies to PMs, that's just the way it is with High TR people, sometimes they think they're all that, BUT some are quite nice wink .


06-07-2006 11:16:52

He came through ) Good guy