MuTiger Just Went Red at my Games.123 site

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05-07-2006 17:46:14

MuTiger just went red at my Games.123 site, as well as Jrok's. How ironic? Who knew that having two accounts was against the TOS? Someone needs to read the TOS' more.


05-07-2006 17:49:04

It has all been explained by AverageJoe and customer support.

The scammer is mutiger.


05-07-2006 17:56:08

No, wait. I am USFgeek. I had another UserName that was USFgeek. I think you have it wrong somehow. He told me MuTiger logged in under a another name. What did he sign up under your site?


05-07-2006 18:02:08

[2043] stuffforfreehelp i just sent an email to you about your games order
[2043] Dangitsevan okay
[2043] stuffforfreehelp problem
[2043] Dangitsevan What about it?
[2043] stuffforfreehelp ref went on hold
[2043] Dangitsevan oh okay which one?
[2044] stuffforfreehelp mutiger
[2044] Dangitsevan okay shoot
[2044] Dangitsevan I can get another one by tonight I guess
[2044] stuffforfreehelp same ip as another user
[2044] stuffforfreehelp logged in about 1 minute apart
[2044] Dangitsevan Oh, Have I had luck or what?
[2044] Dangitsevan lol
[2045] stuffforfreehelp the other user was under jrok
[2045] Dangitsevan Oh
[2045] stuffforfreehelp did both of you get refs from fipg?
[2045] Dangitsevan Yeah
[2101] Dangitsevan What was the other account that MuTiger had?
[2101] stuffforfreehelp didn't you get the email i sent?
[2101] Dangitsevan Sure I did, I just didn't check
[2101] Dangitsevan Sorry
[2101] Dangitsevan lol
[2101] stuffforfreehelp
[2101] Dangitsevan ok

We were not able to approve your order on our games site because one of you
the users you referred was placed on hold for logging the same IP address
as another user. This is a violation of our Terms of Service.

Users that matched,

Dave Friedman


05-07-2006 18:30:52

What goes around comes around I guess.


05-07-2006 18:55:18

TylerC would you please shutup?


05-07-2006 19:21:24

I've dropped his TR to -1, limited his access to the Trade Module and PM'ed him about this. He's still logging into the forum so he should get it.


05-07-2006 19:25:56

Thanks TheySayJump! wink


05-07-2006 20:59:23

Just got a pm from him.

[quote90a48572d4]I'm sorry, I'll try to straighten this out. The thing is I also have a friend who is trading and we used the same computer for that site but with different home addresses. Let me see what I can do to solve this and get you the credit back.[/quote90a48572d4]


05-07-2006 22:14:28

Yup, he got back to me explaining the situation and seems more than prepared to fix it.