Th3Great1 = Scammer

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04-07-2006 11:41:49

Th3Great1 and I had a trade going on that involved him doing my Games.123 and me doing his Get4friends. He had the higher TR so I went first, and I greened around 2 hours after completing my offer. So I PM him and tell him I greened, and he doesn't respond. The day passes and the next day, he PM's me saying "yea whatsup?" I tell him I'm green and he says that he signed up for my site and completed the AOL offer. Thing is, I refreshed the my referals page and his email wasn't there, then I refreshed it again about 1 minute later and his email was there, so I went immediately back to FiPG and that's when I saw that PM waiting in my inbox. I found it weird that he could sign up and complete the offer in less than a minute, so I IMed the owner of the 123stufforfree network and he told me that he never clicked the AOL offer (they have click records). I IMed him and told him that he has to click the "I Completed this Offer" button in order to submit for credit, and he said he'd do that "right now." When you click the button, your offer completion status changes from "No" to "Pending Completion". His still says "No" and he hasn't responded to any of my PMs. He's a scammer.


27-07-2006 11:37:06

Yea, it's been almost a month. He's a scammer...


27-07-2006 11:44:09

Have you PM'd a mod?


28-07-2006 07:48:40

[quotebf30d1584f="johnjimjones"]Have you PM'd a mod?[/quotebf30d1584f]

Yea, all the necessary contact attempts went down. I felt bad because he got scammed $500 from DLF when I first traded with him so I figured he was trustworthy. I was wrong, REAL WRONG. 8)

I already finished the site though (with 3 extra greens). Just crappin' out a heads up.