Connor scammer?

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03-07-2006 16:11:52

I went green for him about a week ago, and he kept responding to my pms saying he would update me on the situation. Needless to say, he never sent me any pms "updating" me, and he still hasn'e greened.

I also have not seen him on in a while.

I'm not sure if something came up, it's just that it has been a week, and I thought that it should be reported.


03-07-2006 16:16:18

Yeah you reported it to me didn't you?


03-07-2006 16:59:04

[quote219c40d6dc="theysayjump"]Yeah you reported it to me didn't you?[/quote219c40d6dc]

I'm not entirely sure


03-07-2006 18:39:48

Nope that was someone else, but they pretty much said the exact same thing that you did.

Anyway, as I told the other member, if you haven't heard back from him (make sure you try to PM him) by Wednesday the 5th, then let me know.

He may just be away for the weekend/holiday.


04-07-2006 22:11:20

yeah, i greened for him around the 27th of last month and i still havent recieved a response back from him... that day all he said when i greened for him was a...

k, thank you


04-07-2006 22:14:03

We engaged in a trade on June 21st I believe, and after that, I never heard from him again. I didn't green for him or anything and he didn't green for me, but he just disappeared. On the 29th, I sent him a PM asking him if we were still on for the trade, and even though he didn't respond, he still read the PM considering it went to my Sentbox, so I'm leaning toward the S-word.


05-07-2006 06:04:44

Ya, he was supposed to go green on one of my sites, but he went out of contact for a week, and I just ended up canceling the trade. Then he PMed me later offering to do another site for me but I declined after our other trade.


05-07-2006 07:39:06

he was good for me for 2 trades, not sure what is up


05-07-2006 09:10:47

I'm giving him till friday, if he doesn't green by then, I'll update this.

Btw, he had a great tr record, 23 with great feedback.

[quote2633563beb]Thank you, I really appreciate your confidence and patience. I'll keep you posted.[/quote2633563beb]

[quote2633563beb]Seriously, I hate that guy. I really do not want you to think I'm a scammer either. You held up your end of the bargain and I will hold up mine.[/quote2633563beb]

Were the two pms I got after pming him a while back.

I guess Connor is a fitting name for him.


06-07-2006 17:12:06

Still no word, could you pm me his ip?


06-07-2006 17:20:57



07-07-2006 05:58:22

He took a long time to return my offer. But he eventually did it.


07-07-2006 13:26:47

Hmmm, he seemed really friendly in our trade process even though he hasn't completed his part yet. His reputation to him was important, hopefully he'll pull through. )


08-07-2006 01:52:47

http//[]http// Please read. Thank you.


08-07-2006 06:09:59

Well that explains it. I wish all that were injured the best of luck in their recovery.

I believe that this thread can be locked now.