Working my way back up to My Postive TR!

Live forum:


01-07-2006 01:38:45

As you guys already know, I haven't been too much of a fair guy. I have been put on hold all across the network from

This caused a couple of problems. So I'm here to resolve all problems ASAP.

People who I owe a Green to are

1. FGR_ADMIN- Greened on playstation3s.thefreeproject in Return![/colorf8342f5720]
2. AverageJoe1093- Working on it. PM Me.

That's it. So I work out Averajejoe and it's all settled out. Averajejoe, please pme me of what you need.


01-07-2006 09:04:04

How about you post this in the thread that's already been made about you, as well apologising to somethinggarlic?

You should know what you owe averagejoe, you shouldn't need him to get in touch with you, and if you do, then you can PM him instead of making a new thread asking him to do so.