warreng not responding -> scammer!

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26-06-2006 09:48:20

He said he did the Host Gator offer under my xbox3604free and said that it takes 30 days to complete. So I waited my 30 days and no credit. I have PMed him a few times with no respond. Plus whenever I'm online I NEVER see him on the list of recent people logged in or anything. So far he is a scammer in my book. I complete my end of the deal the first day we initiated the trade and got instant credit. So what should I do?


26-06-2006 19:05:38

yea, we had a trade a long time ago. everything ended up ok, but he definitely took is time. good luck....


28-06-2006 16:10:55

How long until you got credit from him?

I got his MSN messenger email and messaged him a few times but he hasn't replied yet. We'll see what happens....