losersandwinners doesnt reply!!!

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26-06-2006 09:37:48

ok he went green i paid him.

and now he is red and doesnt reply to his pms..
wat to do..how can i file a paypal compliant?


26-06-2006 09:42:06

Go to Resolution Center, then type in the transaction ID (you can find that in your History). Then, enter the reason you are filing it, and then it should be filed.


26-06-2006 10:03:54

thx but will i get my money back?


26-06-2006 10:55:36

I believe so, but you have to wait 30 days, It says losersandwinners, "This case will be handled in the buyers defense if you do not respond within 30 days.". Otherwise, he will refund it.


26-06-2006 18:40:18

thx for your help..+karma

i hope this works out


13-07-2006 07:46:59

yep one day left..