Sussex_Chris / is a SCAMMER!

Live forum:


24-06-2006 12:09:34

After I completed his offer first because of HIS fear of scammers, this guy ended up NEVER signing up through my link, and later, never returning my PMs.

The last time I heard from him was the 17th, and I've seen him on since then. I told him that and he still hasn't responded. What do I do guys? Help!!!

He's on freeipods and his ID is 29835905, has anybody else had this experience with him?


29-06-2006 13:50:16

TOTALLY AGREED.......did his email==ipod@freepay.....heipod@freepay.....he=ipod@freepay.....heipod@freepay.....he/email had to do my flashipods...the guy reads his PMs but doesnt respond..


30-06-2006 07:44:16

Did you already contact a mod?