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23-06-2006 22:46:35

http//img="" alt=""/img53/2770/scammer0vn.jpg

he says he is "Justblaze786"

He may be, but the convo was a little suspicious

I am not confirming, but i ended trade as his behavior was a little weird


23-06-2006 22:47:19

Wow. Pathetic.

He thinks I'm not me.. when I got the authorites to confirm the trade.

HINTli HINTli== notice the 786 in my username.

TrU3bAlLa786 why dont u understand thats me?
TrU3bAlLa786 im posting with it right?
thetruedarkone05 Im not 13, im not computer illiterate.... you arnt going to convince me with E-words


23-06-2006 22:49:35

no thats trueballa

btw......... wait nvm


23-06-2006 22:52:57

btw what?

I am going to wait for a few more confirmations b4 i continue with him


23-06-2006 22:56:31

Maybe amir is not amir either? DUN DUN DUN

this kid needs some outside. kid's WAY too paranoid.. blat


23-06-2006 22:57:37

anyone can copy/paste & edit.. i have screen shots of this.
I will not trade with someone who curses and puts me down

"Paranoid, YES"
"Ignorant, No.. someone needs 2 pick up a dictionary"

[005327] TrU3bAlLa786 u fuckin idiot. what ohter kind of proof do u need?
[005328] TrU3bAlLa786 really.
[005333] TrU3bAlLa786 any other proof u need?
[005338] TrU3bAlLa786 paranid ignorant.. really man
[005346] thetruedarkone05 how am i ignorant
[005353] TrU3bAlLa786 u wont understand man
[005355] TrU3bAlLa786 that is me
[005357] TrU3bAlLa786 need proof?
[005400] thetruedarkone05 do you even know the def. of ignorant
[005402] TrU3bAlLa786 i supported more than enough.
[005412] thetruedarkone05 You have done your load
[005418] thetruedarkone05 I am just waiting for the community to respond
[005424] thetruedarkone05 paranoid .. YES
[005425] TrU3bAlLa786 someone just responded.
[005427] thetruedarkone05 ignorant NO
[005432] thetruedarkone05 COMMUNITY, not a neighbor

[005508] TrU3bAlLa786 what kind of proof do u need though?
[005525] thetruedarkone05 You have done yours.. just waiting for the community to do their part before i can fully trust you
[005534] TrU3bAlLa786 lol
[005535] TrU3bAlLa786 queer
[005537] lilili "TrU3bAlLa786" signed off at Sat Jun 24 005537 2006.

after that i wont be trading with him

Hope this doesnt hurt my rep in the community.


23-06-2006 23:00:50

i wonder if flaming in aim is the same as flaming in the forum.

I doubt it....

But anyways, ur not the brightest one of these idea
but then again, your just a silly newb.

welcome to fipg.


23-06-2006 23:07:09

a newb at REFERRAL swaps yes

GPT sites no

Never said the flaming on AIM & here is the same (if that is what you were saying)

and how am i not "bright"


23-06-2006 23:09:26

bulb fused? har.....har... har )


23-06-2006 23:37:24

Why are you both (JustBlaze and amir) being dicks to him?

All he asked was for you to PM him on the forum JustBlaze, to confirm that you are who he was talking to on AIM and you can't even do that? The amount of time that's been wasted on this thread you could sorted've it all out, he could've been green and you could've paid him. Trade over.

If you're going to trade, then PM him and put his mind at ease. If not, then cancel the trade, but this kind of thing not only wastes your time but it wastes my time for having to come in here and be your daddy.

He's a newbies yes. Silly newb? No. Sensible newb? yes.

If we had more newbies who were cautious like that there wouldn't be nearly as many of them being scammed.


23-06-2006 23:44:11

He's a newbies yes. Silly newb? [bfc2794549a]Yes.[/bfc2794549a] Sensible newb? yes.

I pmed him. Plenty of times. He thinks I hacked into "justblaze786's" account )