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23-06-2006 13:33:38

Unfortunatley, its been way to long for me to be patient. Anyone know of another way to get in touch with her such as a phone number or something?

I paid her $27 for ordercash, and her ref got dq'ed, so she got someone to do flashipods for me and been over a month and nothing but a yellow.

I need another way to contact her cause this is pissing me off.


23-06-2006 14:13:00

Yeah, it's been a good 2-3 weeks since I last heard or saw her on. Her brother went green for me after 2 weeks of no contact but that might have just been her brother doing all the work since he noticed he wasn't green. (


23-06-2006 14:18:21

she owes me 25 dollars too for a green i want my money son!its been a month!


25-06-2006 08:33:07

I gave her a whole freaking year of free hosting from Globat that I won at some website. She was in contact with me till she got her web host all ready to go. Then....poof she's gone


25-06-2006 08:59:22

I think she's gone guys. (

Usually, what would happen was, she would go and come back, go and come back and it would happen all the time so it appeared as normal practice.

She hasn't been on since June 8th which is longer than usual for her. I'd suggest contacting the sites that you did for her or that she did for you (besides Freepay because they won't do anything for you), explain what's going on, try to have her accounts placed on hold. Give them a link to this as well as other threads about her.

Also, I'd begin filing Paypal complaints against her.


25-06-2006 10:35:04

why can't all high TR traders be like FGR.


25-06-2006 21:56:07

Anyone know what her paypal email is?


25-06-2006 22:43:22

[quote879e74727d="ghondi"]Anyone know what her paypal email is?[/quote879e74727d]

I'll check it right now, one sec


Thao Hoang


25-06-2006 23:24:04

Awsome. Thanx.



26-06-2006 03:58:23

[quote8426196319="ghondi"]Anyone know what her paypal email is?[/quote8426196319]

When I traded with her many months ago, she used this PayPal email address


26-06-2006 08:08:49

is it -1 times yet?


26-06-2006 11:56:55

[quotebed3b7b39a="KeithA"][quotebed3b7b39a="ghondi"]Anyone know what her paypal email is?[/quotebed3b7b39a]

When I traded with her many months ago, she used this PayPal email address[/quotebed3b7b39a]

Actually, thats the one she used on our first trade...

The ladder was freefyi@gmail...


26-06-2006 20:28:15

her AIM is TwoEighteen7480


27-06-2006 09:52:12

twoeighteen7480 Hi! Who_s this?
me skeetz from the forum
Me i did desktopcomputers4free for oyu and i greened
twoeighteen7480 Ohh Hi! You know I lost my car, that includes my laptop and all my infos. The thief even got into all my accounts so now I don_t even have access to the forum
twoeighteen7480 Can u ask 1 of the mods to help me reset my pass and change my email= address to address to
Me ok
twoeighteen7480 Hello? Are u there?
Me yeah
Me ill do that


27-06-2006 10:16:19

Oik, I just e-mailed her.


27-06-2006 13:59:28

how do you lose a car.


27-06-2006 14:01:49

What a lame


27-06-2006 16:42:12

I don't think she meant that she literally lost it. She could've meant it was impounded, stolen, reposessed, stolen, impounded or reposessed.


27-06-2006 16:50:49

Umm.. She IS on AIM.. How'd she get on AIM? SHe couldn't sign up on the fipg forums again?

Gotta love ehr excuse though 0


27-06-2006 20:13:49

well shit happens. good luck getting this resolved guys. she always seemed like a nice person so i bet this all gets worked out


29-06-2006 15:36:11

I just added her to aim and i gave her a print screen of our trade and her friend went green for me instantly!!! Shes not scamming you guys, all you have to do is add her to aim and give her a print screen for your trade and she will go green for you. Her aim is twoeighteen7480


29-06-2006 17:06:08

Lol, we know her AIM already Mo. Read the other posts....btw, she told me she went green for ya this TRUE?

She is also doing my site now, YAY! I see her friend signed up D


04-07-2006 23:17:02

i saw her on aim asked her to pay and she paid right away.


05-07-2006 08:05:53

Seems like she is coming through for you guys...


05-07-2006 09:54:52

Ohh yeah....forgot about this thread.

Mod please lock it.

I contacted her on aim...left a few messages for her on her cell(via aim) and sent her a paypal bill...and she paid within a few days.


05-07-2006 19:14:50

I'm glad you guys are getting your money back but there seem to be a few people having trouble with her so I'll leave it open incase they have yet to be paid back.


06-07-2006 00:46:17

Yeah it should be left open. Its still wierd she doesn't just come back here shrug


06-07-2006 09:52:44

That is true.


20-07-2006 16:04:28

She got her friend to green for me after a few times talking to her on aim. Just contact her and you will get your green


21-07-2006 20:53:47

I've already been re-imbursed.

This thread died so I choose to let it rot instead of bumping it like you

Thanx though.