SebbyK = scammer

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20-06-2006 17:16:26

SebbyK has been feeding me bulllililili and I'm sick of it. I knew I was being an idiot completing his last referral, but I'm still pissed off. He wasn't messaging me for a while, until he said his account went on hold because someone told free4me that he was a scammer, and thought I'd done it. Yet another hint, but I'd already completed my end of the trade by then. Currently, I have this immense urge to slice off his testacles and force him to eat them. x At least I'm going to Phili (where he's at) in a few weeks, so that might even be possible...


20-06-2006 17:21:29

If he really does have a higher trade record than you, he is correct to tell you that you must go first.

Why don't you share with us a few more details of your trade with SebbyK? How exactly has he been feeding you bullshit?


20-06-2006 17:27:05

Sure. He was supposed to go green for me at pcs.freepay while I did 500.free4me. He has 8 completed trades, while I had none (pretty new here, though I've got a great trade rep at refstop). I went green for him, and he said he'd complete an offer and get back to me. He didn't get back to me until he messaged all his current trades to tell 500.free4me that he wasn't a scammer. I told him I didn't do it; he hasn't been on since.


20-06-2006 17:29:06

He hasn't been here since Sunday, 6/4. Have you tried to contact him via email or AIM?


20-06-2006 17:30:14

Doesn't have AIM. Nothing happened with email.


20-06-2006 17:32:43

I'll try to contact him, and if he doesn't get back to me promptly, we'll take care of him.


20-06-2006 17:34:01

Thanks KeithA. Keep me posted as to what happens.


21-06-2006 15:58:09

Contact his cousin on AIM nytrate

He is just a really slow trader. He eventually got through for my Gaming.Free4Me and his cousin compensated me for another site with PayPal.

Good Luck


21-06-2006 20:42:47

I contacted him again. I pressured him into making right with Kala (actually I just got cash from him last weekend when I saw him and paypal'd kala I know kala and speak with him on AIM sometimes)

I will contact and pressure him into making things right. When I asked him about Kala's trade he said he did all his offers and didn't hesitate to cough up money because credits didn't go through or whatever.

My powers are limited as he's an hour away from me but I will do what I can. I just talked to Sparhawk and am helping him get in contact


27-06-2006 22:23:42

Nothing resolved as of yet. I've been VERY patient so far. However, if I don't get a reply from Nytrate or SebbyK by Friday, I'm going to inform free4me. evil


11-07-2006 21:57:06

Nothing resolved. Nytrate said she talked to him, but he hasn't done crap. I sent him an email, and he didn't respond. @$$hole.