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16-06-2006 08:07:17

Hey for anyone I am in a trade with right now I just had some information I thought you should know. I am overseas right now where many sites on the internet are restricted and therefore I can't access them. Anyways the free sites (ie. freepay) are not allowed over here so for any trades I have going on it will be difficult for me to check whether or not people have gone green or not for me. I actually need a friend of mine to check those for me so it will take a little longer than it takes normally. I can still complete trades but only for paypal. I think if you need to contact me it would be much easier to e-mail rather than use PMs because I don't know if this site will still work since I will be travelling to different countries. My e-mail address is email==dangitsk@yahoo.comdangitsk@yahoo.com=dangitsk@yahoo.comdangitsk@yahoo.com/email. If you have any questions just e-mail me.