Looking for mindseye1?

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16-06-2006 07:15:45

Hi everybody, this is mindseye1. This account will soon be banned and this thread most likely locked, but I wanted to send out this message for all my traders. If I have any outstanding trades with you (I can't think of your names) please come over to the anything4free.com forums and get a hold of me there. I also have the username 'mindseye1' there. Please don't believe whatever reasons they've given for banning me here, I honestly haven't even been given a reason yet myself. My only way of getting ANY info was through an awesome helpful member over at A4F who was speaking on my behalf here. I assure you I want to finish our trades and I will not scam you, despite the rep I've been given here. Please come PM me so we can get things straight.
As for FiPG, it's been a great time and you've done a lot for me, but I really don't appreciate the 'guilty until proven innocent' stance you've taken. Especially when you don't give a person a chance to even TRY and prove their innocence! So anyways since it's a perm ban, it's been nice knowing you all. Hopefully I'll see you over at A4F. Thanks again!



22-06-2006 08:17:42

Well I'm still around. I just wanted to say that I've only heard from burritopunk and 1 other guy about my open trades. I think there were 1 or 2 more, so if you are out there please email me or PM me at A4F so we can finish our trades. I don't want anyone to miss out just cause my account was banned.


22-06-2006 10:49:52

You attempted to inflate your TR by creating multiple usernames and falsifying trades with yourself. Goodbye (again).