Dang out for a while

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15-06-2006 07:37:39

I was in a trade with Dang and i went green for him about a week ago. I told him to send the paypal to my email but i thought that he was ignoring my pm's. So i emailed him through yahoo and i got a quick response from him saying that he is in a place where he cant be very active on fig right now (i dont know where or how but he just is). He told me to post this topic to let everyone know that he cant really be doing trades now until he gets back and has time. Thanks.


15-06-2006 11:12:55

You're most likely getting scammed, but thanks?


15-06-2006 11:21:26

haha not really cause ive tradsed with im before and he paid...but i dont know i had frank(theysayjump) pm him...but i have seen him active on the forums so i dont know. im hoping that im not but i do feel like i am. Thanks thouhgg