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14-06-2006 18:22:59

aguy is starting to look very fishy he has failed to green or refund on a trade that we set up at the release of

The trade was confirmed 064042pm 03/22/06

He just keeps saying he will do another ticket or another offer whenever I PM him. For the last 2 plus weeks I've been really pressing for a green or a refund and I've finnaly cracked (almost made it 3 months lol).

If a mod could revoke aguys trading privileges till he resolves this that would be great


24-06-2006 13:17:12

Grr. Is anyone else haveing problems with aguy. He's being a ass wipe he's not doing anything but making exuses and being a jerk even though he is the one he got paid $32 to to do this site 3 months back in march!


24-06-2006 13:25:33

He was banned during the week for......being an ass wipe. (


01-07-2006 09:36:18

Was it a temp ban or shoudl I seek out someone else to do my site for me?


01-07-2006 17:29:29

No it was a permanent ban and yes you should try to find someone else. You could try contacting him on AIM or through e-mail to see if he's hold up his end of the deal.