Hello everybody!

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13-06-2006 10:24:00

Hi, I'm new here but I've been 'lurking' for a long time.

Sorry but my first question is why was mindseye1 banned?
I'm not saying he shouldn't have been but he claims that you gave him no reason. It would be nice to clear it up with a published reason here for all to see.



13-06-2006 11:29:57

You know.....this sounds like mindseye1!


13-06-2006 11:55:30

[quotefb93dce328="UsfGeek"]You know.....this sounds like mindseye1![/quotefb93dce328]
Doesn't appear to be, unless he moved from Michigan to the UK and got a DSL account over there. Doesn't look like a public proxy, either, but then again I'm not digging too deep at this point.

chockwer, that is a question for the mod who banned him to answer, if he so chooses. Suffice to say there was reasonable justification, according to the ban log.


13-06-2006 12:39:31

oh, sorry for jumping the gun, it just sounded kinda suspicious.


13-06-2006 13:53:32

Hey usf I don't reallly think you have any room to talk, especially with your sites going red lately.


13-06-2006 16:39:08

Tyler, can you please stop? Thanks.


14-06-2006 09:44:50

So can the mod please give a reason and that will be enough - he finds this unfair but a reason for the banning of mindseye will sort it out and I will move on.