someone using my username in aim

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12-06-2006 08:32:43

someones imporsinating me look at this pm i got from allen something

Session Start (Aarrggimapiratejanzneverjanz) Sun Jun 11 171506 2006
[1715] janzneverjanz Hello Are You There?
[1715] Aarrggimapirate yeah
[1715] Aarrggimapirate can you do
[1715] janzneverjanz yea
[1715] janzneverjanz can you do yourps34free?
[1715] Aarrggimapirate can't do any trainn sites
[1715] janzneverjanz hmm
[1716] janzneverjanz what about
[1716] janzneverjanz ipdshufflefiesta?
[1716] Aarrggimapirate you have to do 2 offers there and the site is sketchy
[1716] janzneverjanz no u dont
[1716] janzneverjanz u do one offer buddy
[1716] janzneverjanz and alot of easy offers
[1716] Aarrggimapirate are you sure?
[1716] janzneverjanz postive.
[1716] Aarrggimapirate i did the video iPod there and it was 2 offers
[1717] janzneverjanz well you can always not do it if its 2 offers.
[1717] janzneverjanz its one offer
[1717] janzneverjanz trust me
[1717] Aarrggimapirate what is your fipg username?
[1718] janzneverjanz playaplaya
[1718] janzneverjanz i have to go
[1718] janzneverjanz (Link http//
[1718] Aarrggimapirate k
[1718] lilili Error while sending IM This user is currently not logged on
Session Close (janzneverjanz) Sun Jun 11 171843 2006

You or a impersonator?


12-06-2006 08:37:43

Hmm, is that the exact screen name that you have? If so, you should change your password. You might want to edit out that ref link too. ;)


12-06-2006 08:43:25

guys thats not my screen name on aim my screen name is wwe100191. but someones using my fipg name on aim.

[1717] Aarrggimapirate what is your fipg username?
[1718] janzneverjanz playaplaya


12-06-2006 15:05:45

fuckin cocksuckers...impersonating people


12-06-2006 18:50:52

dude janzneverjanz has been impersonating people all over. Impersonating me, justblaze, codex avellum, tsj. This person is one sick fuck.


12-06-2006 18:52:28

Why would he impersonate someone with 0 TR?

unknown uchiha

12-06-2006 19:31:34