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07-06-2006 12:50:57

Can anyone tell me what I did because I didn't scam anyone all I did was make a thread that said my friend would be doing the offers and I would help him. FINE I won't help him. I won't have anything to do it except providing him the links needed and then pay him for his service.

1. Why am I banned?

2. For how long?

3. This doesn't seem right/fair why is this happening to me?

4. I'm sorry.

5. I've had 15 great trades non of which went red, and my last green went through approval with fgr_admin and monday another one is going through approval so we see if any of my refs go red! I bet you they don't SO what the hell is going on?

Just respond here you can ban this name again if you want I won't create any more I just want a response. And can I finish up my trades before you ban me.. Jesus.


07-06-2006 12:57:35

I've done nothing to piss you guys off either.. I'm a good boy! =D


07-06-2006 12:59:57

I'll let the ones who banned you deal with this, but I'll just say that flaming and insulting a mod -- whether by PM or publicly -- is never a good idea. Nor is talking about fraud in the first place, which is what you were doing. You haven't gone red yet? Give it time all the major site owners read FiPG. If/when Jake comes back, I'm sure he'll take an interest in both yours and your friends' accounts at Freepay, if any. So you'd be wise to not be so vocal about fraud in the future. It hurts all of us who legitimately pursue freebie sites.

I'm locking this thread now, another mod can reply here if he so chooses.