someman123, nate08 are both scammers, watch out!

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05-06-2006 07:51:32

On my trip through the Freebie world, I have encountered 2 more scammers, bringing the total up to 5.

So, here is the deal on someman123 The trade was a $25 giftcard for a green on freeflatscreens. I sent him the giftcard, he PMed me that he recieved it, and I waited, waited, PMed, and waited. After that I finally got a PM back from him, and he said he could not do it. I told him that he needed to get me a green, send my card back, or give me the paypal for it. He asked for my return shipping address, I gave it to him, and I still have not recieved my card back. He does not respond to PMs, and he does not log on AIM. DO NOT TRADE WITH THIS USER!

nate08 I did a trade with him, Freepays PS3's for Freepays Flatscreens, and I greened him in like 2 days. I finally got him to sign up, and we kept PMing eachother back and forth about why he still had not greened. After awhile he goes out of contact, and I am stuck with no green and a promise. He does not respond ever to PMs, and I even downloaded Yahoo Messenger to contact him, but he never replied to any of my messages. DO NOT TRADE WITH THIS USER!

If you have traded with this users recently, please post your experiences.


05-06-2006 08:15:29

I traded with Nate08 a while back (before I ran), and he told me that I needed to go first because someone had told him I was slow. So, I did what he said to do. I did Ordercash4free for him. He seemed pretty legitimate to me (nothing fishy about him). I greened. Then, he had to wait about 3 days to send paypal. Finally, he sent it. The trade ended. I guess you could calll it a successful trade. Have you tried his AIM?


05-06-2006 08:56:58

He has an AIM? It is not listed...


05-06-2006 09:08:10

Yeah, his AIM is Nate08 I think


05-06-2006 15:21:47

I went on and on abotu someman123 and how he was a scammer and shady trader and stuff, and people didn't do anything about it. Sorry you got scammed man.


05-06-2006 16:23:44

I am sorry I did not read it (


05-06-2006 21:11:16

well it's not your fault you didn't read's people who did nothing when I told my story about his shady behavior and how he tried to scam me and stuff. Did you send him a simon gift card? If so, call them and say the intended recipient did not get it. Also, let someman123 know that you will get him for mail fraud, because he received services through the mail and defrauded you...mail fraud...and that a federal crime. Have him put that in his pipe and smoke it.


06-06-2006 14:19:33

lol, I scared him enough with this to contact me saying "It's in the mail dude, it will get to you soon!" Which he promised me 2 weeks ago.


06-06-2006 15:03:49

well then contact the necessary authorities!

What Gift card did you send?


06-06-2006 21:33:18

you guys are stupid "contact the necessary authorities!!"

lol. they have better things to do...

no wait. they don't.

but they don't care about freebie traders, haha


07-06-2006 16:31:57

are you fucking kidding? Theft is theft, and I've had eliot spitzer go after companies for me after getting fucked with a bill weeks too early and I've had one federal investigation initiate, and upon that initiation, I got my money back.

Go for who you have to. You'll get what you're looking for.


08-06-2006 14:36:35

I will wait a couple more days.


08-06-2006 20:18:27

dude...fuck waiting...someman123 is a shady character...go after him

Do you need his AIMs? he has 2