Godrugal is a possible Scammer

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05-06-2006 06:24:45

He completed my yourfreevideoipods for Paypal - I went through approval and he was DQed. Now I have to find another referral.


05-06-2006 07:29:50

I am in the process of contacting him. He has also gone red on both of the Trainn sites I paid him to do.

One of the email= addresses he provided, email=smallville2010z@gmail.comsmallville2010z@gmail.com addresses he provided, email=smallville2010z@gmail.comsmallville2010z@gmail.com/email, bounced. However I have 2 other addresses for him, and they didn't bounce. He hasn't logged in to FiPG since 5/25, following his response to my first PM about going red on my first site.

If he doesn't respond within 24 hours, further steps will be taken against him.


05-06-2006 09:07:39

Here are 4 different emails he ended up giving me -



05-06-2006 16:13:07

I e-mailed those addresses as well. The extremereallyextreme address also bounced.


07-06-2006 17:23:51

He went red for me also for desktopcomputers, has anyone got ahold of him?


07-06-2006 18:08:43

So far, no responses to any of the e-mails I've sent, and I haven't found an IM contact for him either. All I do know is that the name on his PayPal account is "Chatsuriya Phimboun" and the IP he posted from is out of San Jose, CA.

Not that it matters, but did anybody get an explanation as to why he was DQ'd? I've opened a Trainn ticket to ask, but haven't heard back yet.

When I contacted him about his first red, he replied and acted surprised. Said he would contact them and straighten it out. Seems odd that if he intended to scam all along that he would even reply. Maybe he screwed up, got in over his head, and ran. Or maybe he was just stringing me along while he finished up some more trades, I don't know.

I wanted to wait and give him a chance to come back here and make things right, so I didn't ban him yet. I'm immediately setting his TR to -1, and a permaban will follow shortly. At this point I don't believe he is interested in making good. Out of all of those e-mail addresses I had for him, only e-mails to 2 of them bounced, so I'm pretty sure he got at least one of them.

I encourage you to file PayPal claims (if you paid him) -- although PayPal pretty much won't do anything about intangible sales, perhaps at least they'll note it on his account and maybe one day he'll screw up on a tangible transaction and get busted. If you traded for greens, contact the freebie site that greened for him and ask that your green be revoked, and that he be put on hold for scamming referrals.


07-06-2006 18:36:42

I've initiated my own PayPal claim against him (again, for what it's worth). An interesting thing though when you initiate a claim it first says it will relay the claim to the user, then if he doesn't respond you can choose to escalate it to PayPal. Well, when I submitted it, it immediately said the user was not able to respond, and did I want to escalate immediately. I'm guessing that means his PayPal account is closed or suspended or something.


09-06-2006 10:58:49

He has been banned. I received confirmation from Trainn CS that he was creating multiple accounts. He hasn't responded to any attempts at communications with him, through PM's and the numerous e-mails addys he has.

Submit your claims to PayPal, for what it's worth since it's an intangible, but it might at least put a flag on his account and cause him future problems. If you did a site for him, contact them and report him as a fraud.

The name I have from his PayPal account is "Chatsuriya Phimboun" and he posts from a San Jose IP.