Do NOT trade with TigoWoods-good reputation, but SCAMMER NOW

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03-06-2006 01:40:08

Sent TigoWoods PayPal on May 8th instantly after we agreed to trade. Then he disappeared, did not respond to PMs, I/ms, Emails.

I hate when people try to rip me off, so I filed a PayPal dispute, looked up his e-mail address on MySpace, the FaceBook, got his last name, found his home address. Basically, I know where he lives and after 3 weeks of not responding to me. He saw that I sent him a message through all of those means, and he responded "Chill, stop messaging me on FaceBook"

Well he refuses to respond, again. I have a deadline to work against, and he refuses to meet it, he will not respond, and is an extremely poor trader.

I just escalated my PayPal claim, and I'm going to get my money back from him, I will keep everyone informed. Stay away from him. I decided I don't want his green, I want my money back, I know he'll get put on hold for something or another...

BEWARE, he may have a good reputation here, but he has had ample time to at least SIGNUP, respond to me, and even file a manual credit request. He will scam you. I have proof, my PayPal receipt.

By the way, anyone else in a trade with him?

unknown uchiha

03-06-2006 11:10:33

Did you contact a mod?


03-06-2006 11:15:56

I've contacted TSJ about it, as well as Clarkkent08 (who is MIA). I'm not as worried about Tigo because I am pretty sure I can recover the money (and I know where he lives). Clarkkent08, only way to find him is his IP address, and that is a luxury I just don't have.

However, again, no one should start a trade with TigoWoods or ClarkKent08...


03-06-2006 18:53:32

I've had the same problem with him, started a trade on May 7th, he never green'd on my site and left for 3 weeks. I asked him on AIM yesterday and he said No-credit report can take a month. confused2 mmyeah, btw this was a Trainn site.


03-06-2006 19:15:21

He was pretty good.. instant green.. instant payment..

Money changes people.. Maybe we spoiled him ;)


22-06-2006 21:50:53

Ok folks I will be refunding everyone who got messed up with this mess. I have lost my job and run in to some financial difficulties. Please PM with to start a refund.


22-06-2006 22:07:22

glad you are back. pm'd


25-06-2006 01:45:35

So. Tigo. PMd you. Where's my money?


26-06-2006 00:19:42

I also PM'd, still waiting ... shrug


05-07-2006 09:20:35

This little fucktard ran off again, he tries to make everyone who wants their money back look like an idiot. We all know who the coward is now. Hey Tigo baby, don't be surprised if I send a bill collector your way soon buddy.


10-07-2006 11:29:30

He finally refunded me, but i would never deal with him again. Big pain in the ass to be out $25 for over 2 months.


10-07-2006 16:32:50

i also got my refund today.. thanks tigo


10-07-2006 19:28:25

he wont refund me for the green i gave him...