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01-06-2006 20:13:16

He is now in contact and is working with me to get things fixed. I hope I didn't jump the gun and post here to soon. Nonetheless, he is in contact, so I will keep updating.


03-06-2006 14:08:13

Here is the situation

Everyone's offers are complete. I think I only have 2 pending trades still, Kala and Jeorgius. Everything else should be co mplete and TR'd

The trades that are not complete are just awaiting manual credit. I believe my trade with Kala is half done as I greened on his gaming.free4me (which is affected...keep reading) and am waiting for credit on his 4freeipodnanos. I am waiting on manual credit with Jeorgius unfortunately but have been in contact.

Someone reported me to free4me as a scammer. I have no idea why as I reply to all PMs as soon as I read them and I read everyone I have everytime I sign on.

I have not scammed anyone. I got put on hold on free4me (which affects other trades obviously because that spans all of their sites)

My account is frozen and I can not log in to even see my referrals anymore. This is ridiculous.

if you traded with me and everything was fine please contact free4me at or AIM him or something. I am out $500 because someone has to wait for manual credit?


03-06-2006 14:35:13

Sorry for making this post SebbyK. I thought you were gone for sure. I waited long enough though, I hope.

I am relieved that you will complete your end of the trade. Thanks


03-06-2006 21:40:04

YAY! He's back to GREEN.


Thanks D