The_Huffster - DO NOT TRADE!

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01-06-2006 15:30:09

I paid The_Huffster $25 to go green for me at ordercash4free. The money was sent on 5/16/06. No response ever since and i know he was been getting my emails and Pms. His last post was on 5/31/06 which shows he has been online. Do not trade with him.


01-06-2006 16:53:32

Have you PM'd a Mod?


02-06-2006 17:39:19

I posted about this joker a long time ago. When he scammed me he ducked out for a couple of months. Guess he's back...


08-06-2006 09:41:59

WOW and this guy has the nerve to call me a scammer