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31-05-2006 12:50:08

To everyone on FIG-

I am currently going through a really touhg time in my life right now and i have to deal with some personal matters. As corny as this might sound coming from a college student, i lost a realationship with someone that i was truly in love with. We just couldnt do it through this summer(she lives in Jersey and i live in Ohio). 8 months down the drain and you might know how hard it is or you might not be able to understand or you lmight just find this as an oppotunity to make fun of me, i dont know.. Now dont worry im not going to drink my self to death or smoke my self stupid or jump off a bridge. I just dont really feel like doing anything right now but sit and reflect on myself and talk with my friends and family. So i am taking a little break from fig for about a week. I really cant even believe that im writng this but this is the reason that i might not respond to a pm for a day or two( i usually check this site like 100 times within an hour..lol). Thanks guys.



I will complete those trades by tuesday or pay you or whatever it takes to get square. Just hang on for a couple days, ill even try to settle them tongith. I hope you all can understand and supprt me with this decision. FIG is an awesome forum and im never goona leave. Thanks for sticking throguh this wholee longggg post.

DANG- send me that support email so that i can email your site about the typo in my eamil address

Ohiorudy- put the other link in the trade so that i can complete that other site for you

plusnightlife- the tvgifts4free site was down last night so im waiting for it to go back up so that i can get a confirmaiton email.

Thanks guys


31-05-2006 14:46:20

this is a reasonable request. hope things work out!
if your relationship wasnt meant to be it isnt meant to be )


31-05-2006 15:06:16

no problem buddy... take your time