ppourhas: The return of a scammer

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31-05-2006 12:03:21

Hey Mods

I started a trade with ppourhas yesterday and things were going great until he sent me this pm late last night.

From ppourhas
To thepalmers03
Posted Tue May 30, 2006 826 pm
Subject Re trade
just checkin, is my username, evoviiigsr, under your ref list

Evoviiigsr. I remember this name from somewhere. Well, I checked the scammers list and surprise, that name has been banned here on this forum. I just wanted to let you all see this. Anyway, his email on my referral list looked just like his username so I don't know why he told me evoviiigsr. Also, he did the usual I am green for you, send the money, when he isn't green yet. He still isn't green and he won't probably go green in the end. Please look into this for me. THanks


31-05-2006 12:25:49

Banning him now.

email==pbpourha@bsc.edupbpourha@bsc.edu=pbpourha@bsc.edupbpourha@bsc.edu/email was the email address he registered with. For those of you interested in tracking him down, that should prove very useful.


31-05-2006 12:32:44

He registered with this email= under my Upgrades.Traxio email=pbpourha@yahoo.compbpourha@yahoo.com under my Upgrades.Traxio email=pbpourha@yahoo.compbpourha@yahoo.com/email

I don't know if that helps but everyone be on the lookout.


31-05-2006 12:40:51

The paypal email= he sent me is email=paulpourhassani@comcast.netpaulpourhassani@comcast.net he sent me is email=paulpourhassani@comcast.netpaulpourhassani@comcast.net/email

He signed up twice on my ordercash4free site


Look Out for this guy!


31-05-2006 12:41:42

How many freaking email account does this guy have???


31-05-2006 15:27:46

Oh my gosh... i'm so glad i didn't pay him. He went "On Hold" on my OrderCash4Free site............



01-06-2006 00:06:02

Maybe someone should report him to his college http//www.bsc.edu/


04-06-2006 13:07:54

son of a bitch.. i opened a paypal claim on him demanding my 35 back. im gonna get put on hold on pcs freepay.


04-06-2006 16:26:43

he went on hold for me in ordercash