Hate to say it, but pochacco not responding..

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31-05-2006 10:38:11

Yeah, so pochacco (her friend rather) was supposed to do plasmas4free.com for me for $30.00 paypal. She told me a week ago she might have to refund my money, as her friend can't get manual credit or something. I've been PMing her frequently for an answer, but she still hasn't responded. I don't know what else to do.


31-05-2006 11:28:35

[quotefdd9f9ebe4="Brok3n_Sword"]Yeah, so pochacco (her friend rather) was supposed to do plasmas4free.com for me for $30.00 paypal. She told me a week ago she might have to refund my money, as her friend can't get manual credit or something. I've been PMing her frequently for an answer, but she still hasn't responded. I don't know what else to do.[/quotefdd9f9ebe4]

I am in your exact position. "her friend" is doing my site when i never agreed to it when the trade initialized. I believe she just... "disappeared".......

Hopefully she returns and brings a good explanation and good news... (


31-05-2006 11:49:46

same here


31-05-2006 14:04:31

yea same here she was doing my plasma4free as well.

I canceled trade today and dont really care if she did offer or not, as she did read 2 of my PMs and refused to reply.

Not going to wait for her to finish powdering her nose. Will get someone else to go green.


31-05-2006 14:24:34

I might have to get PayPal to file for a refund if I can.........


31-05-2006 14:35:58

do it, find her email address, look her up, search it on myspace, facebook, google, find her home address and scare her.....it works, trust me, scare the shit out of scammers, I did it to a scammer who didn't respond for 3 weeks I sent money through paypal. Found his email address all over the place. If he doesn't do his share I have his address, and an Uncle who works for an airline, travel is no problem for me. If you want, PM her email address, she is ripping me off too. Make sure you open a dispute with PayPal and remind her it is tied in with her bank account. Paypal will screw her over...

I think we need a little justice around here.....I should have a TR of 5 by now, but 3 scammers later, and a manual credit, i only have TR 1! I'm really upset, I've held up my end of the deal for everyone!


31-05-2006 14:45:10

i doubt she is scamming. but do what u will. waiting for her to do one of mine but thru manual i took forever for her. just looking for an update from her. as we had to swap the site she was going to do b/c the free project is updating offers. it has been 2 weeks since she said her friend would do the offer. i think it is just her friend being slow, no scamming here.


31-05-2006 15:19:30

Let's give this a day or so before we compile e-mail addresses, etc. I have many sources if action needs to be taken, especially if this is large scale.


31-05-2006 15:33:20

She doesn't' reply to me either. We were trading for Gaming.Free4Me and she was getting 1 free year of web hosting that I won. She already registered and everything, meaning she has the webhost now, but she PMd me about a week and a half ago asking what is taking so long for the host registration process? ?


31-05-2006 19:20:21

I'm so sorry for keep you guys waiting... There were lots of things going on to me the past week. I will try to get all your site finished before this weekend.


31-05-2006 20:11:15

thanks, i figured there was a reason )
hope all is ok!


31-05-2006 21:13:27

She came through! She got her ref to just green me now.


31-05-2006 22:09:40

everyone's so hasty to bust on pochacco...there's like 80 threads about her, all of which end in happiness


01-06-2006 01:56:27

Pochacco came through for me. You had us all a little worried, but life happens! Glad to see your back in the community and holding up to your end of the deal! Thanks!


(ps maybe consider changing the title of the thread once others get their offers done so it doesn't harm her reputation in the future, she is back, hopefully to stay, just a suggestion)


01-06-2006 04:17:09

instant green last night )

Nomis Anonymous

05-06-2006 11:22:08

i've been waiting for over a week now since i've gone green for her. I hope her friend (or whoever) comes clean for me aswell, like for some of you. ---so far not much response---
she is my second to last for premiumipods and i would hate to see my first free site go down the drain.


05-06-2006 11:23:15

She will come through. Give her time.

People do have things to do ya know

Nomis Anonymous

05-06-2006 11:50:14

yes yes i know...i just got ants in my pants


05-06-2006 11:54:55

What the heck? ^^^^ Go check out another forum to spam.


05-06-2006 11:56:41

hey, hopefully your friend will go green for me on ordercash4free soon.

Nomis Anonymous

07-06-2006 14:22:57

everything kosher. she is just slow. but very nice in the end


10-06-2006 09:08:29

Ugh, it's been a week since I paid her $50 up front and first she was quick and responsive but it's been 3 days since my last PM has been answered and I just missed my Free4Me deadline to receive my prize again this week0. ( Anyone heard from her?


10-06-2006 09:10:38

She still hasn't gotten her friend to sign up for my YourFreeVideoIpod. She talk all nicely and stuff, but doesn't forfill what she says. (


10-06-2006 11:52:07

her friend still has not gone green on my desktopcomputers4free


11-06-2006 19:16:44

Yea its been about a week, i went green on her desktopcomputers4free and shes suppose to do my flashipods4free or her friend. Shes not replying to my pms either. She pm'ed me before and said shes on exam week but shes not replying to my pms. I hope she goes green for me soon.


11-06-2006 20:59:47

She hasn't been on in 2-3 days I believe. I wish she wouldn't have initiated all these trades if she knew exam week would be 4 days away...


11-06-2006 21:01:08

Well exams are coming up next week for me and Muhammad, as well.


13-06-2006 14:56:08

This is really starting to piss me off. She has lost total contact with me and it was right when I sent the $50 up front to pay for the offer. I'm on the edge of filing a PayPal dispute. evil evil evil


13-06-2006 23:06:45

she did an offer for me and it greened, and i got approved. So...perhaps she may take awhile to get the greens but they're definately legit.


14-06-2006 20:47:52

I'm not gonna jump to conclusions, as I know she is a good trader.

But her friend went red on OrderCash4Free.com for me so she had another person do a diff. site for me...been well over 30 days and nothing....I'm waiting on some email responses.


15-06-2006 12:10:49

Wow, I guess it never fails. Pochacco's brother went green for me last night evidently! I don't know whether it was her or her brother that decided that the wait was too long for the green but I still haven't come in contact with her? One thing traders must know before trading her is that she does come through but it does take a while. \


21-06-2006 16:00:26

Wow this is said. No signup, no replies to PMs. Noting at all.

Come through for me too!!