Don't trade with jeremy1987

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30-05-2006 09:50:58

This guy is a tool. The deal was he would green first for my Freepay MacMini and I would green on his lcd4free. He signed up and said he did a offer, wouldn't tell me what one and hasn't greened. I asked him about it yesterday since today is the deadline and he says he put a ticket in. I asked him to do another offer since he's number 10 for me and he said no and that I now have to pay him. I said fine since its easier for me, and I told him I'd give him $30, he said "No, I'll sign up under someone else who will pay me more" and then proceeds to tell me the OWNER of Freepay said its ok to have multiple accounts. If ANYONE signs up under him, be prepaired for his referal to be bad. Stupid prick, 9 referals down the drain, I am so pissed x evil

He used 2 different email addy's


30-05-2006 10:09:53 thats not my email and I never said I would have mutiple accounts he is very upset about me not completeing the site for him I did the real offer and it never credit something that is not my fault I hope you find your last ref good luck.


30-05-2006 10:12:37

And also I told him I wanted him to pay me instead because the sites he was suppose to do for me I went ahead and had someone else sign up for me because of the tradeing process takeing so long.


30-05-2006 11:31:35

Don't go trying to change your story. Damn AIM for not saving that conversation.