Another CGB8007; Proven Scammer

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27-05-2006 12:31:30

I dont know why people are still trading with him. He's scammed me out of 75 dollars and other people as well. He was slick and had me add funds to his stupid game,

If you dont believe me heres proof all the payments I made to him

http/" alt=""/"87/551/ss17fd.jpg[" alt=""/img9f31ff4805]
[img="9f31ff4805]http/" alt=""/"109/4004/ss23lf.jpg[" alt=""/img9f31ff4805]
[img="9f31ff4805]http/" alt=""/"109/6281/ss37he.jpg[" alt=""/img9f31ff4805]
[img="9f31ff4805]http/" alt=""/"109/2649/ss48dq.jpg[" alt=""/img9f31ff4805]

[b9f31ff4805]And if thats not enough, this guy is only 16!!! Search for[/b9f31ff4805]

[img="9f31ff4805]http/" alt=""/"109/4885/ss5ms7qg.jpg[" alt=""/img9f31ff4805]

Why is he still allowed to trade. He's scammed several people and just because he has high TR people still trust him. He never paid me or
went green for any of my sites. I want my 75 dollars back!!!!!!


27-05-2006 12:52:21

Another good post. Thank you.


27-05-2006 13:18:13

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