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27-05-2006 06:40:10

Okay, we setup a trade on the 20th... Everything smooth, I green for him not even a day or 2 later... I hear nothing for awhile, then on the 24th I get a msg that finals are going on and he'll try to get to it this weekened.. I pm him back 2 differ times, both are read by him... no responce.. I'm angry. This can be removed once they come thru for me!


27-05-2006 07:08:09

look, I dont know this guy, but be sensitive
i am at uni and i can tell you this is exam season - so is stressful anbd busy time of year!
hope u get ut green though!


27-05-2006 07:47:00

I was going easy about it, but when 3 pm's go read and un answered.. thats whut makes me angry, I asked a simple question, all I needed was a reply... I've greened for 3 people and I done it the second they sent me their link... I'm only waiting on him and someone else to complete their end and i'm done and ready for my ipod.


27-05-2006 08:26:46

hmm... Why are you trading with him when you both have zero feedback? You won't get credit for the trade and it gives neither of you any safety or protection. Either way I have PM'd him. Let it be known that this user is not classified as a scammer but as falling out of contact. Hopefully this should be resolved shortly.


27-05-2006 08:40:17

I have 3 trades under my name, but they have not shown up? (he had a comment about being fast) so I figured why not... I really haven't figured out the trade thing yet but this is whut I have on my trade page

http//[" alt=""/img2ada30f34f]


27-05-2006 10:28:10

You have t complete a trade for it to show up