Best actions against scammer

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26-05-2006 07:09:07

I've been scammed by a guy who IM'd me w/ screenname nas75228

I'm pretty sure his id was 2536331 For some reason trillian stops loging during direct connect sessions, but I was able to pull this from my browser history.

It was pretty obvious that he was scamming and I went through it reluctantly, but I guess I was so desperate for a quick green that I ignored the obvious flags and shady activities.

Anyway, my main question is how can I stop him? Will a support ticket from my ps3 account saying that he lied to me to get me to sign up work?

I'm not quite sure what to do because I don't know if freepay condones trading. I think the fact that he scammed should be enough to merrit freepay putting him on hold.


26-05-2006 07:17:23

There is nobody registered on this forum with a username or e-mail address containing 'nas75228' so we can't help track him down from here.

You might PM Jake from Freepay about it. I don't know if anything will come of it, but Freepay has been known to put confirmed scammers on hold.


26-05-2006 08:31:20

That screenname belongs to the user NaS, who has already been banned for scamming.

He registered with this email address

Like dmorris68 suggested, you should contact Freepay.


26-05-2006 09:10:39

that sux, man. You can also try getting his home information and phone number (there are ways) and call him. If he is an adolescent or young adult often parents can help in this situation.
also, lesson learned to ALWAYS go thru the TR module, even though u can get scammed there too
good luck!


26-05-2006 10:42:49

He tried to IM me today after I posted this using the claiming that wasn't his ref number, etc, etc. "I don't want it to be on hold so email me" I couldn't reply because I wasn't at my computer at the time (went to my cellphone)


28-05-2006 12:26:11

Has anyone successfully gotten FreePay to remove your name from someone's referral list if they scammed you? I contacted them b/c I signed up under someone who scammed me, and they said they wouldn't do anything about it, so I thought the only way was to put yourself on hold.