Hurleybird247, He Pulled through!!!

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25-05-2006 07:37:38


I don't like calling people scammers but I think that Hurleybird247 has scammed me. We set up a trade and he wanted an instant green on one of the TRAINN sites. He was supposed to give me a green on my site plus $5 paypal for an instant green. We agreed to do each other's sites at the same time due to the fact that he sent me the paypal. I thought that I could trust him. I guess not. Well, I saw in his posts that he got his ipod and he has disappeared. I have sent him numerous pms about this and my last two (on the 12th and 14th of may) have not been read. Well, I just wanted to see what we can do (hopefully a -1 TR so noone else trades with this guy).


25-05-2006 12:00:20

I just PMed him to call attention to this thread. He was on the forums yesterday, so hopefully he'll read this soon.

If he doesn't clear things up quickly, we'll drop his TR to -1.


25-05-2006 12:28:17

He's a friend of mine IRL, I'll talk to him tonight.

He has track regionals so he probably won't be back until late, but I'll talk to him for you.


25-05-2006 23:33:40

This is weird, I start this topic and then the mods step in (thank you KeithA and tylerc) and he finally contacts me. shock

In all seriousness, he is working this out with me and once he sends me the paypal I will clear his name here. Thanks again mods. You guys rock!!


26-05-2006 04:01:26

I was talking to him on AIM last night and he said that his computer wasn't letting him send PMs.

I know him personally and he's not dishonest or anything like that.

BTW-I'm not a mod.


26-05-2006 22:00:28

Trade complete. He just sent me the money. I am going to edit the orginal post. Thanks for all your help.