lilmitch01 trying to scam me

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23-05-2006 15:04:50

Beware of this creep

He was to do my 500.free4me for his freepay referral.

He kept pressuring me to do his offer first because he was having problems with the site or something.

He wouldn't stop, I have all the PMs...him pleading and pressuring for me do his site right away.

Turns out he signed up to 500.free4me with someone else's link (and the mods can check my trading module where my link lies) and completed offers on their site.

I accused him of being a scammer for pressuring me into doing the ref and he threatened me (which is hilarious i'll post the PM here later)

So just watch out for this creep, seems he's trying to pull something shady.

I didn't get scammed but I dodged a bullet. beware!!!


23-05-2006 15:38:23

LOL.. i would love to see the pm's..


23-05-2006 17:04:07

this guy is a loser! i didnt not threaten him at all, i told him to quit calling me a scammer because i did the offers but on the wrong referral site. i even sent a support ticket to try to get it switched to his account but they said they couldnt do that. i tried to rectify the situation but he wanted to talk bad about me like i was scamming him. I have the PM's and the support tickets.

he threatened me about reporting me to freepay and some other crap, but i didnt really care because I know there was just a mistake. the referral link that i typed in was one number off from his link, which CLEARLY shows there was just an error


23-05-2006 17:31:02

Post the PMs.