I will be Away

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22-05-2006 18:32:04

I will be Away from Wednesday and get back Saturday. I will be in orlando with others.

I will try to use my wireless internet to administrate my site while I am gone. I should be able to get on now and then. IF somehow I cant get on then....

All offers marked instant credit will credit instantly. All other offers wont credit till Saturday morning. Support tickets wont be answered till I get back.

If you have any questions Post here.


23-05-2006 14:28:12

Ok I will actually be leaving soon now


23-05-2006 14:30:14

Let's hope this 'trip' won't be Pookie-esque. ;)


23-05-2006 14:33:11

[quote2fc0fc5430="johnjimjones"]Let's hope this 'trip' won't be Pookie-esque. ;)[/quote2fc0fc5430]

Dont worry it wont. I will try to get on my wireless.


23-05-2006 16:15:23

move this to announcements?


23-05-2006 18:55:53

[quoteafa113a50c="jy3"]move this to announcements?[/quoteafa113a50c]

good idea.