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unknown uchiha

21-05-2006 18:11:50

Convention was a blast, back to reality

-Stock market project due in two days
-Entrepeneur essay due long time ago
-Two Dreamweaver sites, one Flash animation, and more stuff past due
-Play catch-up in English
-Finish AP Calculus "Pi in the sky" problem (Link to problem here http//barzilai.org/cr/pi-in-sky.html), any and all help on parts E and F appreciated.
-Senior Ball this Saturday
-Tennis banquet this Sunday

I have to beat Senioritis in the next ten school days and then goto Ball/banquet, and then I've got a trip to Japan for eight days right after I graduate so I'll be on and off the forums, answering PMs and helping out. No active trading or stuff for the time being. Be back fully (and ready to beat TSJ's post count and FGR's TR) around late June.


I'm sure you'll all miss me and my quest to surpass TSJ's post count by next year (Well, I'll get about 5200+ posts if I continue with my 100-a-week average), but I'll be out for a week. A whole week, plus one day. I'm going to be needing time away from such addicting places like this so I can do the following things

1. Senioritis is killing me. I screw around in Multi-Media to post here a lot and need to be getting up to date on my Flash/Dreamweaver projects with only like three weeks left in the school year.
2. I'm going to a convention starting Thursday afternoon and need to work on my props/costume for it. I waited too long to start on the props =/

I have a few outstanding trades at the moment so if you have any problems at all just email= me. email=AznXer0@sbcglobal.netAznXer0@sbcglobal.net me. email=AznXer0@sbcglobal.netAznXer0@sbcglobal.net/email or email==weirdaznguy@gmail.comweirdaznguy@gmail.com=weirdaznguy@gmail.comweirdaznguy@gmail.com/email, I check both of them regularly.

Ciao =P


21-05-2006 18:27:12

Horray! Finally a chance to catch up to your post count. ;)
Have fun at the convention. D


24-05-2006 23:22:20

[quote0ecb5ea50b="compuguru"]Horray! Finally a chance to catch up to your post count. ;)
Have fun at the convention. D[/quote0ecb5ea50b]

shouldn't it be better if he'd try and catch up to your TR? hahaha...

good luck senior!

unknown uchiha

31-05-2006 17:22:15

Okay I'm back, but here's the thing

I have two dreamweaver projects, one flash, and two digital journals due for Multi Media
I have a stock market project and an entrepeneur essay due for Economics
I have a bunch of Cyrano de Bergerac crap due for English
I have a problem called "Pi in the Sky" for AP Calculus due next week (Any help or past experience with this problem is MUCH needed, I'm on Part E right now, which is the Excel spreadsheet)

Pretty much, I will be on to check my PMs/resolve any outstanding issues for like a few minutes per day until school is up. After that, PARTY


unknown uchiha

01-06-2006 00:25:28

UPDATED, read first post.