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21-05-2006 17:40:57

this dude is givin me a bit of trouble i paid him 5 days ago and still no green. im not calling him a scammer but read this

wordtoyomoma619 hello
CGB8000 yo
wordtoyomoma619 its been 5 days and still no green
CGB8000 i'll return your cash as soon as my paypal is un-limited
CGB8000 this thug kid made up some bullshit story
CGB8000 about some ebay camera
wordtoyomoma619 why? didnt you do an offer
CGB8000 i did
CGB8000 and went green
CGB8000 he scammed to get his cash back
wordtoyomoma619 did u do an offer for me
CGB8000 yes
wordtoyomoma619 whhy hasnt it greened yet
CGB8000 no idea
CGB8000 what site did i do for u again
wordtoyomoma619 yfvi
wordtoyomoma619 u said u did nutraquit
wordtoyomoma619 its been 5 days
wordtoyomoma619 so what r u gonna do
CGB8000 i did do nutiquit
CGB8000 i still have the transaction history
wordtoyomoma619 what do you mean
CGB8000 i dunno, most of those days were weekends
CGB8000 they dont credit on weekends
CGB8000 give it a little longer
CGB8000 that offer cost like $10 already
wordtoyomoma619 r u sure u already did it
CGB8000 positive
wordtoyomoma619 but its been 5 days
wordtoyomoma619 can u do another
wordtoyomoma619 did u do the offer
wordtoyomoma619 so what r u gonna do?
wordtoyomoma619 dude r u gonna go green or not
wordtoyomoma619 ?
wordtoyomoma619 ?
wordtoyomoma619 dude if u dont go green soon im tellin one of the mods

and i tried to tell kietha but he didnt respond to my pm


21-05-2006 18:23:18

dude, im in the middle of a family gathering. its my brothers confirmation sunday. christ, some people have no patience


21-05-2006 18:27:49

um your a very rude trader

wordtoyomoma619 hello
CGB8000 im in the middle of a family dinner dude
CGB8000 done be so god damn impatient
CGB8000 i will do it when im done
wordtoyomoma619 ur eaten dinner on the comp
CGB8000 no, i just came down to check if anyone was bitching to me
CGB8000 i will fucking do it when i get back
CGB8000 jesus christ
wordtoyomoma619 i thought you already did it
CGB8000 i did
CGB8000 but your being a fucking prick and not waiting
CGB8000 i will do another offer
wordtoyomoma619 dude calm down
CGB8000 no
CGB8000 you want a fucking ref, i already did it
CGB8000 now your posting in the god damn scammer section
CGB8000 you have no patience
CGB8000 people like you make me lose my cool
wordtoyomoma619 well u didnt answer my ims so i warned you
CGB8000 because i was afk you retard
wordtoyomoma619 the just greenn and our trade will be done
CGB8000 i fucking will
wordtoyomoma619 and youll never get an im from me again
CGB8000 i told you 9 million times
CGB8000 christ just wait
CGB8000 dont pm me till tommorow
CGB8000 bye
CGB8000 signed off at 92635 PM.


21-05-2006 18:33:17

I wouldn't worry, you've been in contact with him. You should wait at least a week, because that's when he can request Manual credit. It's not worth doing another offer, yet.


21-05-2006 19:21:11

yes. i was very frustrated as he was bringing me away from my family. being very pushy


21-05-2006 19:47:21

Why are you online then..


21-05-2006 20:17:40

Maybe he left his computer on and did not bother putting up an away message?


21-05-2006 21:31:24

[quote75a737b5fd="compuguru"]Maybe he left his computer on and did not bother putting up an away message?[/quote75a737b5fd]

I do the same thing.

CBG, block him and wait 15 days. Open up a ticket and if they turn you down, only then should you do an offer.


22-05-2006 19:35:55

yea.. this CBG kid owes me $30.. for some reason he turned down my ref. But I trust him... and I'm giving him some time. Cuz I know his paypal is limited.. cuz maybe I'm the one who caused it.. =)


22-05-2006 19:56:26

please, you are responsible for all these problems justblaze. why would you even try to scam my paypal like that?

I already went green and you were trying to take back the money?

Also, i declined it after you got my paypal fucked up. I said i would pay back the cash as soon as i was un-limited

Anyway, Duh, we set up the trade on the 17th, i signed up on the 18th. I did an offer which takes 5-7 BUISNESS days to credit, so far its been 2 buisness days. I would appretiate you being patient


22-05-2006 20:15:27

Umm.. dude, do you have an idea how amny threads you had in this forum about you scamming? So hell.. of course I filed a dispute. A greenn doesn't mean anything << Well that's what I've learnt. A green can go red anytime.


22-05-2006 21:18:44

That doesn't mean he's a scammer. His TR is over triple yours. Sometime people jump the gun. [i2267f35429]Most[/i2267f35429] people file a disput when something is wrong with the ref, not when he is green.


22-05-2006 21:33:17

If memory serves this is not even close to the first problem people have had with cgb8000.


23-05-2006 04:10:47

Ok whatever heres what I'll do


1.) what site i was doing for you
2.) when the trade was initiated
3.) your AIM s/n

I will then check my records, and if its past a reasonable time in which it could green then I will do another offer.

I dunno whats going on, it may be something with my cookies


23-05-2006 09:24:58

The issues with CGB are just very long standing. There's always a family gathering or family emergency to hide behind when you can't do your offers in any reasonable time; when he failed to do an offer for me, he told me he didn't have paypal to compensate me (I did a site for him first), but would do another site. Unfortunately, the only other sites I was working on he'd 'already done'. I don't know why people continue to trade with him; he just drags these things out as long as possible until, like me, we just say 'eff it' and take our losses.


23-05-2006 12:09:00

http// brother tore his ACL (this affects you doing an offer how?)


And here's a lovely 4-page thread about him.


23-05-2006 12:28:23

Haha this kid is still around? I thought he was banned. Bastard you owe me a freakin green or $25 you scammer.


23-05-2006 14:36:19

Well i had a conversation with justblaze..

[quote50cac92a5e]TrU3bAlLa786 yo
CGB8000 hi
CGB8000 busy
TrU3bAlLa786 just need to know when i will get my refund.
CGB8000 when i fix my paypal
CGB8000 which you fucked up
TrU3bAlLa786 it was only my dispute that caused this?
CGB8000 yes
CGB8000 since you said i stole a fucking camera
TrU3bAlLa786 umm it shouldnt take so long.
TrU3bAlLa786 oh that
TrU3bAlLa786 ok
CGB8000 why the fuck would you do that
TrU3bAlLa786 we have already went over this
CGB8000 why dont you explain to everyone bitching that your the one causing all the trouble
TrU3bAlLa786 umm
TrU3bAlLa786 my dispute cnt be only one that caused this
TrU3bAlLa786 paypal does ti when like 3-5 disputes are open
CGB8000 normally
CGB8000 but when they read it after you make up some shit about STEALING A CAMERA OFF EBAY they get suspicious
TrU3bAlLa786 not really
TrU3bAlLa786 i am experienced with paypal
TrU3bAlLa786 they wont.
TrU3bAlLa786 they take all disputes searious
CGB8000 yes
TrU3bAlLa786 or they got the hots for me?
CGB8000 man this isnt a joke
TrU3bAlLa786 can i get proof, that ur paypal is still unlimited
CGB8000 yes you can
CGB8000 http//img="" alt=""/img190/2976/paypal26wv.png
TrU3bAlLa786 what have you done to reslove this so far?
TrU3bAlLa786 have you called them?[/quote50cac92a5e]

He caused my paypal to be limited by making up a story about me stealing a camera to get the money that he already payed me after i went green back.. here are pictures of my paypal now

http/" alt=""/"190/2976/paypal26wv.png[" alt=""/img50cac92a5e]
[img="50cac92a5e]http/" alt=""/"190/9977/paypal37en.png[" alt=""/img50cac92a5e]

Whenever this is fixed i can easily pay everyone back..

And, since i normally use paypal debit i wasnt able to do any offers. But now i bought a new prepaid card.. so if anyone is having troubles just pm me.. tell me when we created the trade and if time has passed i can either send u a confirmation email of the offer completion or do another offer


23-05-2006 15:27:07

Yeah and why didn't you ever complete your half when I greened for you on yourfree360games? Of course it was taken away since you never answered anything. But I told the owner you scammed.

Have anything to say about yourself?


23-05-2006 15:37:12

Umm.. ok i need some feedback..

Who would file a claim against this guy after looking at the 3-5 threads about him beign a scammer? I mean.. I filed it because maybe he could have gone red any time.

Anyways.. this kid owes me $30.. just for the record.


23-05-2006 17:20:44

Mods should drop this guy's TR to -1, he has continuously fucked up.


23-05-2006 17:23:30

just greened for duh..

blaze, i could have payed you back already, but alas i will pay you back when my paypal is back to normal

why would i want to trade with you again after you did this to me?


23-05-2006 20:03:58

Freakin scammer stop trying to not answer my question. Why didn't you follow up on the trade after I greened for you on


23-05-2006 20:19:37

because you never even greened, thats why. i pmed you that several times. you never responded.

http/" alt=""/"80/750/notgreen4bs.png[" alt=""/img43c3d15e0b]


23-05-2006 21:02:17

haha .. i didnt wanna side with this kid right now but COUGER JUST GOT OWNED! HAHA


23-05-2006 22:20:57

[bed88ae1e37]On 2/22/2006 1034 PM, you said
Can you temporarily remove the credit that I'm giving to my ref? See I believe he is scamming me in a trade and I well I don't want to give him credit for nothing. Thank you.

On 2/23/2006 1241 AM, an admin said
We have complied with your request, and have received similar requests ragarding the same person.

[bed88ae1e37]On 2/26/2006 331 PM, you said
Removal Of Credit
I had asked to remove my credit from the guy I was giving it to, but it seems you removed it from my account as well.

On 2/26/2006 834 PM, an admin said
There is no way for us to remove credit from him but not from you. When you need your credit, such as completing the requirements and wanting your gift, we will reinstate your green. We can also do so at any time that you request.

On 2/27/2006 135 PM, you said
I see. Well then I'll do that. Thank you.

On 2/28/2006 1241 AM, an admin said
You are very welcome.[/bed88ae1e37]

Jackass. I greened for you. You just never went for me so I told the owner of the site to remove your credits. You never sent one PM and I always try to get an answer on AIM and got nothing. No one got owned.


24-05-2006 04:03:11



24-05-2006 04:10:49

and i know you didnt just type that up how?

you never greened man.. i was there P


24-05-2006 11:00:38

You almost believe yourself don't you?

[ba1410e418c]First One[/ba1410e418c]

http/" alt=""/"62/7673/moroncopy9ty.jpg[" alt=""/imga1410e418c]

[ba1410e418c]Second One[/ba1410e418c]

[img="a1410e418c]http/" alt=""/"369/162/moron2copy8tw.jpg[" alt=""/imga1410e418c]


24-05-2006 12:14:59

CGB=teh owned


24-05-2006 13:55:00

You going to reply CGB? Own up to your mistake and either give me $25 or green me on a site. It's been some months since I finished yourfreeflatscreens.


24-05-2006 13:58:54

[quotea213d49c14="CougarKid"]You going to reply CGB? Own up to your mistake and either give me $25 or green me on a site. It's been some months since I finished yourfreeflatscreens.[/quotea213d49c14]
If you're that convinced he's a scammer, you'd be wise to NOT accept a green, especially after a confrontation such as this. It's all too easy for somebody to get a quick green for you now, only to go red later.


24-05-2006 14:42:07

Hmm, I dont remember this trade all that well. All i recall is that i looked in my referal pane, you were yellow, a few days later, still yellow. i pmed you asking you what offer you did, you said you didnt know what was taking so long. i thought it just never went through. Though im not that convinved you ever went green in the first place, i could some how make it up to you.


24-05-2006 15:30:55

Sweet excuse cgb.

"Oh, here's proof from the support tickets, but I don't think you went green, however, I will try and get yet another blemish off of my reputation and make it up to you."


24-05-2006 15:57:59

I don't know much info I have to get in here to show he scammed me. And I want a green or $25 because I still did my side. All I have to do is ask the admin to put it back to green.

So should I try to get the admin to tell everyone here that I went green?

I really don't know what I have to do to make it known he's a scammer. Also stop saying to sent PM's because you didn't.


25-05-2006 22:48:56

Scammer boy stopped answering.


26-05-2006 03:58:24

stopped answering? hardly. lets be mature about this, i am simply waiting for you to propose to me a way i can repay you


26-05-2006 07:30:31

I'm also waiting for my $22 cgb...


26-05-2006 09:18:59

[quote0115ab5448="Cgb8000"]stopped answering? hardly. lets be mature about this, i am simply waiting for you to propose to me a way i can repay you[/quote0115ab5448]

He said $25


26-05-2006 12:02:45

And i can pay him that after I clean up the mess that JustBlaze786 has created after trying to scam me by filing a false claim in order to get his money back after i had greened for him. This led to my paypal being limited, i have yet to hear back on my apeal. As soon as my account is un-limited i can pay him back


26-05-2006 15:03:47

[quoteb37cda13eb="CougarKid"]I don't know much info I have to get in here to show he scammed me. And I want a green or $25 because I still did my side. All I have to do is ask the admin to put it back to green.

So should I try to get the admin to tell everyone here that I went green?

I really don't know what I have to do to make it known he's a scammer. Also stop saying to sent PM's because you didn't.[/quoteb37cda13eb]

Actually I have to side with CGB8000 on this.

Do you have any proof you told him you were green? Or did you assume he was a scammer and have your green removed. Maybe he didnt chack his account for a week? I seldom check mine until someone PMs me that they are green.

Also the way I see it your still yellow so he owes you nothing, regardless if you had it removed or not. No green means no GREEN. I would think you would have to go back green before he pays that $25. lol

Just my thoughts though.


26-05-2006 17:53:51

I took it back because he was scamming me. I think anyone in my position would do the same thing.

Look at this

[b5cbb6ac9da] Topic Need 3 For Techfreebie Paying $20

Replies 2
Views 30
PostForum The Trading Post [u5cbb6ac9da]Posted Mon May 15, 2006 1223 pm[/u5cbb6ac9da] Subject Need 3 For Techfreebie Paying $20
Topic Need 4 Refs for SanDisk 1GB memory Card

Replies 14
Views 376
PostForum The Trading Post [u5cbb6ac9da]Posted Tue Feb 07, 2006 602 pm[/u5cbb6ac9da] Subject Need 4 Refs for SanDisk 1GB memory Card
hey mate. i dont want to discourage you or anything but I would strongly suggest doing a site with something more vaulable as the prize. Then you can pay more for refs, cause honestly you wont get man ...[/b5cbb6ac9da]

Call it a conincidence perhaps, but he stopped posting right about the time he signed up under me and didn't green. Also why would he sign up for my site without me being green?

Feb 15, 2006

This user has not completed an offer.[/b5cbb6ac9da]

I don't know how much proof I have to get in here, but I will continue until this scammer is brought to justice.


26-05-2006 19:00:05

I signed up before you greened because I trusted you. You seemed kind enough on AIM and you had a reasonable TR and had been here for a while. I thought that by the time you greened I would be green on your site as well. thus saving time. I also wanted to make sure I signed up and did an offer while I still had cash on my prepaid card.

And oh yes, I would definitly get my account banned just to steal one ref from you man ?. I dont to sound as if i am being sarcastic or talking down to you. But it doesnt make sense to me, I never got a green, and apparently neither did you, I dont exactly see the problem here.


26-05-2006 19:45:48

I did go green for the last time. How many time you want me to say I had it removed.

So if the owner of that site comes in here an says it you'll believe it even though your definetly bs'ing?


26-05-2006 20:11:01

I fail to see the problem CougarKid, you both say you completed offers, and you both aren't green. It's a failed trade isn't it?


26-05-2006 20:59:23

Yea cougarkid why are you demanding money when your not green. Also cgb8000 tends to wander off the boards. Just because he isnt posting doesnt mean hes scamming.

Also I still go first lots of times and join before greens. Sometimes like to look at site, trust the person, etc, and my TR is a little higher then anyone elses.

I would just drop it. Trade failed.


27-05-2006 00:32:51

Hey CGB8000 can't beleive you are still on the boards!
You still owe me a Green from 5 MONTHS AGO!!!!!



27-05-2006 01:02:12

umm.. is your paypal's limitation lifted yet? You STILL owe me $30.....


27-05-2006 07:51:08

I am here to confirm that CougarKid was green on our website, and his green was removed per his request. His green can be reinstated at any time so wishes.


27-05-2006 12:02:38

CBG scammed me out of 75 dollars.


27-05-2006 12:53:01

[quotee40470871e="Free360Games"]I am here to confirm that CougarKid was green on our website, and his green was removed per his request. His green can be reinstated at any time so wishes.[/quotee40470871e]

I thank you for posting here. So what do you have to say for yourself now?


27-05-2006 13:18:30

Post here. http//