JustBlaze - situation lets get input

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19-05-2006 22:02:52

This is a weird situation and definitely not a scam situation...

This has just been a difficult trade...telling me he's yellow when he's not, saying he had completed it already, then no he hadn't he's good...blah blah. He backed out of a few trades previously...it was just downhill.

so he greens on my money.123stuffforfree. I am supposed to do his OC PS3 site.

OC ps3s has only 6 non-OOD offers available, none of which I can do. I had done them

He had not told me offers were cut down so much, so nothing I could do.
I offered him $20 for his green.

he said no and accused me of scamming. He said that there are more offers and I'm lying.

What the heck. can i send screenshots to some mods or something, what is the deal with this dude?


19-05-2006 22:05:50

Umm.. yo I was taking a well known 100+ tr's member's advise. he said $20 is no good. And he stated that OOD is only in effect after 8 greens. So who the flilili am I suppsoed to trust? a) a guy who posts a thread about me while he's the one who owes me b) a well known 100+ tr member.. who i was live aim chatting

So umm mmaybe they changed the policies?


19-05-2006 22:06:56

nytrate is a girl.


19-05-2006 22:07:07

I offered another site that I could get done or $20

You called me a scammer and told me I'm lying

just how it is. I want to make good on our trade, I really do. I'm just not going to fraud OC because you didn't inform me that it was down to 6 regular offers and the rest OOD.

unknown uchiha

19-05-2006 22:16:12

Justblaze- The OC PS3 site might not be showing OOD-only for those six offers, it could be simply showing five regular offers (all of which nytrate has already done) and one OOD.

And who said $20 isn't good enough? $20 is a reasonable price for a 123 network site.


19-05-2006 22:24:13

umm. ok then.. the guy who i talked to .. must be dumb?// sarcasism.. well ill take 20. can careless now.


19-05-2006 22:39:06

situation resolved