svtbolt a scammer?! Something smells fishy!

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19-05-2006 09:37:54

I did PS3.freepay for him and he was supposed to do flatscreens.freepay for me. I went green tuesday and have messaged and not heard from him. I have a feeling I'm being scammed. (

Here's proof I did it

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[img="3918660f27]http/" alt=""/[/img3918660f27]

unknown uchiha

19-05-2006 17:44:58

Three days isn't a very long time. And on top of that, you failed to contact a moderator.

Tuesday -> Friday = THREE DAYS. Some people have lives outside of getting free stuff, y'know =P

I'd give it a week and if still nothing happened THEN I'd get worried and contact a mod.