pochacoo and zr are not scammers

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16-05-2006 21:03:44

with all this deathmatch crap going on i forgot to apologize to pochacoo and zr the never scamd me. and take it from someone who knows you gotta give people time to go green


16-05-2006 21:21:45

u did the right thing brisk, we're proud of u .

unknown uchiha

16-05-2006 21:38:09

Does he win a coupon that entitles him to one free internet?

Please don't make me pull another image up, the "BAN ME!" required saving, photoshopping, uploading, and pasting =(


16-05-2006 22:40:49

what about me? you still owe me 8 refs on yourfreeflatscreens


17-05-2006 17:19:22

[quote8574f28652="akalic"]what about me? you still owe me 8 refs on yourfreeflatscreens[/quote8574f28652]
is that possible


17-05-2006 19:35:30