Anyone know where is Myreferrals1234? (Resolved)

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15-05-2006 13:10:46

Myreferrals1234 and I had a trade. He was doing my pcs.freepay and I'm doing his travel.123stuffforfree. Well, I went green for him the very next day after signing up. I asked him when he's going to do my site, he said he'll do it on Wednesday(last week) b/c he's getting a Visa. He's still not green on my site yet, and I've PM'd him numerous times, but didn't get any response.

Anyone know where he is?

unknown uchiha

15-05-2006 14:25:06

Have you contacted a mod about this?


15-05-2006 15:57:43

yeah i havent heard either. luckily he has to go first. figure he is just being slow. finals time?


15-05-2006 16:03:18

He doesn't have a Visa Gift Card is what he told me. He did manage to green for me before he maxed out.


15-05-2006 21:26:27

Ya, we setup a trade like early April, he went yellow... Then a few weeks later I PMed him, he said he forgot about it, signed up under a new email, and now its been a few more weeks. I'm about to request the trade be deleted just so I can do the site he wanted me to do for someone else.


16-05-2006 14:09:32

yeah he told me saturday he was doing all his trades then. of course he never did an offer for me. if i dont hear from him by monday, a week later, and he still hasnt done the offer I will just delete the trade as well


16-05-2006 14:09:54

i dont mind waiting, just tell me what is up and how long it will be...


16-05-2006 16:43:42

he just PMd me )


17-05-2006 12:40:57

[quote613a733da0="jy3"]he just PMd me )[/quote613a733da0]

He PM'd me too. He said that he'll be doing my Xbox360.giftfiesta instead of Pcs.freepay.


17-05-2006 17:21:57

yeah i guess he wants to do another site as well...we shall see, havent heard back after a second pm


18-05-2006 12:40:49

Myreferrals1234 just went green on my xbox360.giftfiesta.

Trade has been resolved )


18-05-2006 12:44:50

[quote2d67dec415="reggaeton"]Myreferrals1234 just went green on my xbox360.giftfiesta.

Trade has been resolved )[/quote2d67dec415]

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