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13-05-2006 23:51:34

This guy has a great trade record, so I go green on a trade with him and now he's out of contact, hasn't returned a PM in over 2 weeks, just wondering what's up because seemed like a great member, anyone know what's going on.


14-05-2006 02:37:56

nope, in same boat as you in a trade with him for rewardbull, he's my last ref their.

unknown uchiha

14-05-2006 10:32:30

April 7th, 2006. "Extended Spring Break", nothing ever since. Let's hope he got delayed?


14-05-2006 10:54:27

I chatted with him on AIM a few days ago..


14-05-2006 12:13:42

Hey sorry guys

Havent been around due to a combination of Prom and Senioritis, will get it taken care of