TammyJoP scammed me!

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13-05-2006 17:25:31

TammyJoP scammed me on Freebie101. She had agreed to do my ordercells4free inexchange for her get5friends. We decided that both of us should go first since we don't have any TR. My friend signed up for her site and went green. She told me that she signed up under my ordercells4free and completed the Video Professor offer. The offer was supposed to be instant credit, but she haven't received credit in days. I told her to raise a No-Credit ticket, but she said that she never received any confirmation emails. But she had show me her credit card statement that Video Professor had charged her. After 15 days, she submitted a No-Credit ticket and that was the last time I ever heard from her.

She was confirmed a scammer and was banned from Freebie101

When I check the User Online list on FiPG, I saw her name. I PM'd her and told her that she owes me a ref. She denies that she's the same person on Freebie101 and that she don't do referral-base sites.