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13-05-2006 16:44:03

ive been in a trade with this person for 2 weeks now and sent them $30 paypal and they still havnt greened for me on yfvi. when i pm them they say they are doin 2 offers, that one of them credited, and they're requesting manual credit now and thats been their story.


13-05-2006 16:49:13

if you read the rules on trainn network and no credits, you have to wait until 7 days after you do the offer before you can submit for a manual credit request.

after you do that, it can take up to 10 business days after that to get manual credit.

so its possible that you are making a post here too early because enough time has not passed.

and even then the manual credit may not come through right away, i have more than one trade that went down like that. it sucks i know (


17-05-2006 12:23:48

Have applied for manual credit..shud go green this week...just be a lil a very honest person


20-05-2006 12:57:51

ok he greened all is good. D


20-05-2006 15:21:47

[quote6aef02022d="syriandoode"]ok he greened all is good. D[/quote6aef02022d]

Will you please edit the title of your post?


20-05-2006 23:49:15

Thanks Keith..)