Anyone i'm in a trade with

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06-05-2006 15:43:58

I will be leaving early tomorrow for disneyland. I won't be back untill sometime tuesday. If you green for me while i'm gone please pm me your email address that you signed up with aswell as the email address you want your payment to go to and I will take care of it as soon as I get back. Thanks and have a great weekend.



06-05-2006 17:02:43

Wow.....good thing I get all these trades done.....I've had two people in trades with me leave just after going green for me (JordanE is one of them) and and one that I'm still waiting for. I guess with all the finals over with people are not trying to get free stuff.....


07-05-2006 13:41:51

Greetings from disneyland!

(posted via my cellphone while waiting in line ))