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04-05-2006 16:44:48

Having some major computer troubles, so I'm posting from work.

I think I've completed most offers on trades already, except for 1 or 2. I will hopefully get everything taken care of ASAP but wanted to post here to let people know I might be a few days late on some stuff and to please cut me some slack. I will get on here and communicate via friends and work and everything will be sorted out very soon.

I'm usually (95% of the time) SUPER quick on trades as many people can testify. I usually get greens or offers completed within minutes or hours of my green. So very very sorry if i'm a bit delayed i'm not going anywhere people no one is getting scammed

I'm not sure what's wrong with my computer but I can't get it to boot or recognize my HD which i've been using for awhile.

I am about to buy a new barebones kit though from tigerdirect I think. Anyone have any thoughts on intel's budget dual core (Pentium D 805)??? I was thinking about getting a barebones 2.66ghz intel dual core pD 805...but was wondering how this compared to single core intel and amds as well as AMD's dual core.
Worth it or no? (sorry if a bit off topic but its related ;-)


06-05-2006 07:49:04

Thanks for letting me know! We're in a trade for my giftcards.freepay and I greened on your site already. You will be the last green I need! ) I hope your computer problems are resolved soon and please let me know if the delay ends up being longer than anticipated as I only have a few more weeks to finish. )


06-05-2006 17:27:22

all under control, pending trades will have offers complete tonight

thanks for the patience

Crouching Tiger Hidden Ga

06-05-2006 19:45:53

well you still owe me a green on yourps34free.