Gethyphy - Please Respond

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02-05-2006 14:46:45

Gethyphy did a trade w/ me a while ago (4/11) my Freepay Laptops in exchange for his OrderCells4Free.

About 2-3 weeks ago, Gethyphy ( went grey and is on hold. I AIM'ed him first, and no response for several days. Then I PM'ed him last week, still no response.

unknown uchiha

02-05-2006 14:53:58

He's out of contact for me as well. Signed up for my 100PercentOff, is still yellow and won't reply to my PMs or anything at all.


02-05-2006 15:25:38

He was on MySpace today. Try there...



03-05-2006 16:52:04

His AIM is dealersfromtokyo, still not responding....


04-05-2006 13:23:47

He's green for me, he never gave me a link to his site so I haven't signed up yet. Sounds like I should write that one off


08-05-2006 20:24:23

I sent him an aim saying "hey, i keep sending you aims and you dont resond, u there?". And then he signed off. His total amount of time online 1 min. He signed off less than 30 seconds after I sent him the IM.


09-05-2006 14:35:51

he is online now and has been for 1hr 6minutes


09-05-2006 16:06:06

What are we gonna do about this kid?


09-05-2006 16:50:31

He went gray on my ps3s.freepay too. What a punk! woot


09-05-2006 16:54:12

I'll ban him tonight if he doesn't get back here and explain himself.

unknown uchiha

09-05-2006 18:32:31

He has a Myspace, lives in SF I believe.


09-05-2006 20:12:42

Man, for the longest time I thought your username was pronounced "unknown you-chee-cha". And yea, I think he's like around 16yrs old if that makes any difference. He's still not responding to my AIMs.

unknown uchiha

09-05-2006 22:49:59

lol somethinggarlic. Finally getting around to watching the English dubbed Naruto? =P


10-05-2006 05:23:32

[quote4c50cb1ebc="unknown uchiha"]He has a Myspace, lives in SF I believe.[/quote4c50cb1ebc]

The link to the Myspace is above. I'm banning him now.


11-05-2006 14:59:01

hmm, anyone gonna contact his parents?


12-05-2006 21:51:00

He is green for me on freepay digital cameras. I sent my form in for appoval. Does this mean I should get another green or two to be on the safe side. If he has gone grey for someone else.


13-05-2006 18:10:12

yup he' s alittle bitch. He says there is a problem w/ freepay and he is gonna try to make another SN to contact jake to take his accounts off hold. So mod, when he makes a new username, don't ban him; let him talk to jake and it might work out.

He says he made two accounts (did an offer on one and left the other one dormant) he then was stupid and contacted freepay, who only reads 10% of the support ticket, and then put him on hold completely.