Stoogepid Fraudulent trader and he admits it! :) LOL

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01-05-2006 09:21:03

Hey guys. This probably doesn't really matter anymore because Stoogepid is done with the whole freebie scene for like a month now but he went grey on my flatscreens.freepay account.

Heres our conversation

[quote3c9921da40="Aim Convo"]
Me hey whats up man. have you heard from freepay yet?
Stoogepid i pmed jake and supposedly its on hold because i have different names on my accounts
Stoogepid so u mind as well get another referral he hasnt replied to my other inquries
Me alrite
Me i suppose since you aren't in the freebie scene any more that you aren't interested in reimbursing me for a bad referral..and that you don't care about your FIPG record right?
Stoogepid correct
Me nice. well in that case. Thanks for at least replying to me...and thanks for screwin me. have a nice one
Stoogepid np [/quote3c9921da40]

Bad trader..but at least he was honest. Lol.


01-05-2006 10:51:44

Wow. What a tard.


02-05-2006 00:34:28

Yikes! Shameless! I guess he's got some bad karma coming his way! (


04-05-2006 19:38:29

Lol I wouldn't just leave it alone.