Failurebydzyne won't complete the trade

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30-04-2006 11:41:56

I went instant green for him on March 13th and he is not going green..He was responding to my pm's saying that he requested manual credit but now he won't even reply to my pms...what should I do ?

unknown uchiha

30-04-2006 11:43:54

Why'd you go first for him? O_O


30-04-2006 11:47:23

At that time I had low TR and we did offers for each other together..he had gone yellow but never turned green

unknown uchiha

30-04-2006 11:51:07

Ah I see. Well from his profile I see that he has like 1 TR with 1 pending. Should have followed the "At least one trader must be 4+ TR" rule =/

Have you PMed a mod about this?


30-04-2006 15:29:32

I'm actually having a problem with him but not the same one. He said he would go green and he has even changed his trade module status to "gone green" but he is still yellow and he doesn't respond to my PMs. He did go first though but I'd like to know if he is still here or not.


30-04-2006 18:04:56

No..I did not pm a moderator..who shud I pm..plz help


01-05-2006 08:08:34

Yeah, I think I am the "one pending" trade. He went green for me...and left. He hasn't been on and checked is pm's and such for like 2 months. i think he is gone...


01-05-2006 08:29:23

His last visit was 4/3/06.

Has anyone tried contacting him via email?

His registered with