DWU15 ....Can he be banned for this?

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16-04-2006 00:26:33

This guy is a scammer. I've waited more than a month for the offer to go green but it hasn't. Now I'm requesting my money to be sent back to me but he doesn't answer. I was scammed 4 of 5 trades...I'll quit freebie tradings, it doesn't matter how high they TR is I got scammed anyway S


16-04-2006 06:27:43

You should try trading with mods, and people like FGR and d3athtonic, people with EXTREMELY high TR, first. People with feedback under 20ish can still be just as shady.


28-04-2006 16:03:09

[quoteaef7f04005="dwu15"]i went green for yourgiftsfree bitch

have some fuckin patience, its not my fault the site takes forever to credit

now you can remove your fuckin complaint for paypal you impatience little bitch[/quoteaef7f04005]

Can this person be banned for PMing me like this?



28-04-2006 16:15:24

He/She never responded to my PMs, and when he finally does I get that horrible PM from him.

Here's a link to screenshots I made of my PMs to him



28-04-2006 18:02:00

you got a green you should be happy.

I would gladly take being called a bitch for a green, lol (even though technically I am a man whore)


28-04-2006 19:35:10

[quotea6151a931e="fgr_admin"]you got a green you should be happy.

I would gladly take being called a bitch for a green, lol (even though technically I am a man whore)[/quotea6151a931e]

man whore


29-04-2006 05:14:05

I would consider banning him for calling you "impatience."

Actually, he received a 3-day temp-ban for being rude and antagonistic.


01-05-2006 13:28:42

I'm still waiting for him to complete his side of our trade...no wonder I haven't heard from him, he was temp banned...

I've been patient, after two weeks of him being yellow he said he would do another, it's been another week and nothing yet...I sure hope he goes green soon he is my last one needed for ipods.freepay.



01-05-2006 13:31:17

It's been a month now for me also with this guy, I just read he got a 3 day temp ban for something else...
I gave him 2 weeks for the first offer then he said he would do another but I haven't heard back since. This is the start of week 4 now...

I sure hope he goes green so I can get my ipod.


01-05-2006 18:27:48

can we merge these two threads?
did u guys email or IM the guy?
pm a mod for help


07-05-2006 09:41:30

Still nothing from the guy, guess I got to goto a mod now. I did send him one more PM today, so if he replies great, if not...
Will I still get credit for completing my end of the deal?


07-05-2006 09:55:48

I PMed him. Hopefully he'll clean things up quickly, but I'll keep everyone updated.


07-05-2006 15:45:50

Just wanted to add since I started the whole thread because of his rudeness...

I've been sending emails to him at

I told him that he was 'On Hold' at my OrderCells4Free site, he was rude, and that I was reversing the Paypal I sent him. He replied saying he was sorry for being rude, and his brother (jstaks513@hotmail.com) would sign up to my cell site asap since he didn't know why he was 'On Hold'. That was all on May 1st.

I sent PMs accepting his apology, and cancelling the Paypal reversal. He responded on May 4th, saying he's been working 14hr days for the past 3 days, and he told his brother to sign up to my site and he'd do it that evening. I saw an email address (ewallace978@hotmail.com) on the site the next day, but it's 'Not Complete'.

I've sent PMs since Friday, asking if that ewallace address was his brother's. DWU has received the PMs, but no responses yet.

Just thought I'd add to what I've been reading in this thread, in case there was some info I could provide that anyone would like to know.


07-05-2006 16:57:04

Just one thing I thought I'd mention. Whenever you think someone might be giving you trouble, and you are checking email= addresses, ask them "what email did you sign up under" not "is this email=ewallace978@hotmail.comewallace978@hotmail.com addresses, ask them "what email did you sign up under" not "is this email=ewallace978@hotmail.comewallace978@hotmail.com/email the email that was used". Don't even post the email here, because then they can just say, yeah that is my email (giving them longer to stall while they get their freebies from your green). Better to ask and make THEM provide the email, that way you at least know for sure that it was THEM that signed up.

If you want to verify that that email is theirs, get them to email you from that address. Then you know if they are lying.


07-05-2006 17:22:57

Well he told me both times what address he signed up under so I didn't have to ask.

The first time, email==xx1ballhog5xx@hotmail.comxx1ballhog5xx@hotmail.com=xx1ballhog5xx@hotmail.comxx1ballhog5xx@hotmail.com/email, when this didn't go green he said he would get his roommate to sign up...This was April 4th
This was the second time address, email==tjsat@udel.edutjsat@udel.edu=tjsat@udel.edutjsat@udel.edu/email, this one hasn't gone green either. April 7th. The last I have heard from him was on April 19th, he said he submitted for manual credit and would do another offer in a week if nothing happened.

So it's been a month now since the last sign up...for two offers to not complete in a month is strange.

Anyways, I'm done with this guy. If it credits fine, but I already found somebody to do my last green for some clams. I just wanna be done with it.

Happy Birthday dwu15, he turns 20 tomorrow, maybe he'll remember us.


08-05-2006 13:37:21

Response to JennyWren

Here's a screenshot of the PM I sent DWU regarding the email on my site. I just posted all the emails he's given me here in case someone else has seen any of them and know them to either be real or fake.

[imgbd431717fb]http/" alt=""/img405.imageshack.us/img="405/2828/dwu15pms26gz.th.jpg[" alt=""/imgbd431717fb][=http//img="405.imageshack.us/my.php?image=dwu15pms26gz.jpg][imgbd431717fb]http/" alt=""/img405.imageshack.us/img="405/2828/dwu15pms26gz.th.jpg[" alt=""/imgbd431717fb]


09-05-2006 15:02:08

Another update
email==ewallace978@hotmail.comewallace978@hotmail.com=ewallace978@hotmail.comewallace978@hotmail.com/email belongs to a guy at another swapping site.

He owed me a referral, and didn't tell me what email he was signing up with.

So DWU doesn't have that one.