pochacco a scammer?

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26-04-2006 12:58:52

ive been waiting for her to go green for about 6 days now and still no green cry


26-04-2006 13:20:23

Some sites it takes upwards of two weeks to go green. If it's been longer than a month, and this person still hasn't green, it MIGHT be a scammer.

I think it's safe to say, however, if you're ever suspicious of someone scamming, pm a mod first. Starting a thread after only 6 days not only puts the person's name in bad light (and sometimes without due cause) but it makes you look like a false accuser.

Good luck with that, btw.


26-04-2006 13:42:06

thank you soooooooooooooooooo much jadem for speaking up the truth!!!! I have been a member in this forum for almost a year and my trading is 121 times brisktea and IT IS STILL GROWING!!!

this person is SOOOO aggressive and pushy..... he/she pmed me EVERYDAY telling me that my friend haven't gone green yet. I know! But it is NOT under my control to go green, and I have told him/her so many times that my friend might even have to do manual credit too!!!

I have been patiently waited for my traders to do manual credit because I understand it might happend. It seems like this newbie isn't being considerate at all..... (

Please read my feedback!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

+karma for you jadem (I wish the -karma is still there..... sorry normally I wouldn't be so upset... even when I lost my green many times.... but this trader just made me so mad, I traded with the wrong person......)


26-04-2006 14:01:59

it looks like i traded with the wrong person too x x x


26-04-2006 14:06:40

If you were being more patient, understading and considerate, this wouldn't be happening.... I think you should read more posts through out this forum to have an idea of different experiences people went through and be more understanding!


26-04-2006 14:32:54

I've traded with pochacco three times already, and must say that she is an excellent, VERY HONEST trader who is patient and always follows through (check out her trade record!). I would recommend that brisktea take jadem's advice and learn more about how trading works before making these kinds of accusations.


26-04-2006 14:53:40

Traded twice with pochacco with no problems. I do know I won't trade with someone that can't be patient for a week! No need to post a person in the scammer section without justification!


26-04-2006 15:00:02


brisktea, you're jumping the gun on this one. You need to familiarize yourself with how trading works. People have no control over how fast they go green once they complete an offer -- sometimes it takes days, sometimes weeks. pochacoo's reputation seems to speak for itself, so until there is a lot more evidence than this, these sort of accusations are uncalled for.

I'm tempted to lock this thread and even remove it from here completely. OTOH it stands as a good example of how NOT to go about trading.


26-04-2006 15:59:17

well i dont think shes a good trader and i dont care what u think about me 8)


26-04-2006 16:13:31

[quote5ca633bb1d="brisktea"]well i dont think shes a good trader and i dont care what u think about me 8)[/quote5ca633bb1d]

you need to make like lipton and chill, son


26-04-2006 16:53:53

pochacco your not allowed in my topic until u go green/ evil


26-04-2006 17:02:29

Someone definitely needs to chill....


26-04-2006 17:04:28

[quotec3c7ad38f0="brisktea"]pochacco your not allowed in my topic until u go green/ evil[/quotec3c7ad38f0]

why not? I'm not allowed only if the mod said so..... but it doesn't seem like the mod has any problem with me posting here......

anyhow... you really need to loosen up a lil......


26-04-2006 17:22:50

[quote8f0f5171fd="brisktea"]pochacco your not allowed in my topic until u go green/ evil[/quote8f0f5171fd]

And you are not allowed to call someone a bad trader when you have 0 and she has 100+.


26-04-2006 17:26:46

actually yes i can im not cusing or using bad language and im just giving my opinion on this trader. it doesnt say anywhere in the rules that i cant do that 8)


26-04-2006 17:41:24

And where in the rules does it say "pochacco cannot post in threads where the OP thinks she is a bad trader"?


26-04-2006 17:56:10

i made that rule. kind of fly isnt it? 8)


26-04-2006 17:58:07

[quote1123c672e8="brisktea"]i made that rule. kind of fly isnt it? 8)[/quote1123c672e8]

Whatever makes you feel like a hard-ass.


26-04-2006 18:02:52

I think we've seen enough.